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What is Green Web Hosting and Why Does it Matter

What is Green Web Hosting

These days, more and more of us are conscious about the impact our business -and our lifestyle- has on the environment around us. With experts warning us about the effects of climate change and governments encouraging us all to take a more pro-active approach to Read More

What Can Web Developers Learn From the World of Video Game UI Design?

Video Game UI Design

User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) design is all about how the user is able to interact with the application. Web developers can learn a lot from and be inspired by how video game design has evolved and how UI and UX in that Read More

A Short List of Free Online Advertising Plugins for WordPress

Search Engine Marketing

If, you had successfully created a website by putting different categories of content and the content delivered on your website is increasing traffic every day. Just imagine that you need to have tools that will allow you to analyze clicks and impression counts, integrate third Read More

There’s More to Designing a Good Website than Pretty Pictures

Designing a Good Website

Good web designers have been double face-palming since the advent of the template-based website creation phenomenon struck the web like a meteor hitting the last dinosaur settlement. There is no going back. Now that everyday users can create their own website with less complexity than Read More

6 Reasons You Should be Blogging as a Professional

Reasons You Should be Blogging as a Professional

Blogging is great for the business, but is it valuable for the individual? The attention and notoriety that comes with an authoritative blog can cause a huge boost in your personal career. Build an Audience It takes time and dedication to grow your audience into Read More