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4 Reasons Some Drag and Drop Builders are Gaining Popularity

From the first time drag-and-drop technology appeared on applications like Google Mail, the intuitive tool seemed like the next big thing. Now, with the advent of advanced HTML5, the next big thing may finally be here. The same technology that the big companies once used to impress users is now available to enhance your customer experience.

There are a number of reasons that a drag and drop landing page builder may be best for your business. Here are a few of the best reasons.

No Specialized Knowledge

For many years, website design was a very technical exercise. Only individuals with this specialized knowledge could build websites. Largely to protect their market share, website developers perpetuated this myth for as long as possible.

We all know that website user technology has advanced to the point that almost anyone can use it. The behind-the-scenes development technology has advanced that much as well. Now, with drag-and-drop websites, there’s no need for coding.

As a result, your website is easier to maintain than ever. The build process also takes less time, so you can be up and running sooner. Most website builders now offer a number of templates. So, just select the one you want and let the builder do the rest.

Lower Cost

Expanding technology means that the building process is much less labor-intensive than it was a few years ago. Website builders usually pass these savings onto their customers, since the environment is so competitive.

This lower cost is an inherent advantage of a website builder. Most business-owners need to spend their valuable time on planning and other matters. Taking days or weeks to learn code and build a website is simply not an option. Besides, a well-built site looks much better than a do-it-yourself site. And for many online consumers, initial impression is everything.

Ease of Use

In a code-based website environment, even a minute chance usually requires updated code. As a result, your website is extremely cumbersome. You need to quickly adapt to changing customer preferences. Just two or three days may be too much of a delay.

With drag-and-drop, updates take only a few minutes. Furthermore, there’s usually no need to work with the site builder again. Since these changes are code-free, they are typically very easy to implement.

Stock Images

Many of the generic images available online look, well, generic. They simply do not have the same sizzle and pop that your online customers expect. Furthermore, there are often formatting issues. Most online images come in large, medium, or small. If your landing page needs a different size, the odd-looking image could ruin your website’s carefully constructed look.

Just like drag-and-drop providers offer different templates, many also offer thousands of stock images. These pictures are specifically designed to fit into the templates, so there are generally no formatting issues. Furthermore, as a rule, the images are higher quality. So, there’s no need to spend thousands on a professional photographer.

Partner with a drag-and-drop designer today and see what a difference it makes in your online presence.

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