4 Ways to Use Exit Intent Technology on Your Website

There is nothing more frustrating than drawing traffic to your website, and then having a good portion of it leave and never return again.

Although, this is a problem that plagues a great majority of websites. But what if I were to tell you that there is a way to capture the attention of the visitor right before he leaves your website, which will inevitably lead to a significant increase in your conversion rate?

Well, in fact, you can do exactly that with exit intent technology.

What Is Exit Intent Technology?

Exit intent technology is a fairly new concept, so don’t beat yourself up if you’ve never heard of it. In essence, exit intent technology is a form of technology that monitors website visitor behavior via mouse clicks, mouse movements, and other forms of sophisticated technology and uses the information to try and determine the moment a website visitor is about to leave a website.

Once you know the moment a visitor is about to leave, you can then implement exit intent popups to try and capture their attention one last time.

What Are The Best Ways to Use Exit Intent Technology to Increase Conversions?

Although trial and error is often the best method to determine which exit intent technology strategies will have the greatest effect on your conversion rate, there does seem to be a trend with certain methods working better than others in a more general sense.

Here are the four best ways to use exit intent technology on your website:

1. Offer The Visitor a Discount

One great way to increase your conversion rate through exit intent technology is to offer the website visitor a discount code.

There are numerous reasons why a visitor will leave a website. Perhaps, the website visitor wants to compare your product or service to others within your market, or perhaps, they might like your product, but they simply aren’t ready to buy in that moment.

However, in many cases, the cause for a potential customer leaving before purchasing is the price. Due to this, offering a discount code to the customer right before he leaves your website is a great way to give them the peace of mind that they may have lacked prior to the discount code being offered.

So when is the right time to offer them a discount code via an exit intent popup? One signal that the buyer may have been dissuaded by the price at checkout is if they abandon their cart. In other words, if they make it to checkout, but then leave to go on other pages of your website, they might be experiencing second thoughts about buying from you. Offering them a last second discount code, however, could be enough to convert them into a paying customer.

2. Show Them Your Best Products

Another great way to use exit intent technology on your website is to implement an exit intent popup to show the website visitor your best products.

Arguably, the most common reason a visitor will exit your website is they simply don’t see anything that interests them in that particular moment. If you can capture their attention by showing them your top selling products, you may just entice them to purchase something before leaving.

So how do you know when a website visitor is about to leave due to a lack of interest? Oftentimes, if they aren’t interested it’s because they didn’t give the website much of a chance in the first place, which means their disinterest in your products will occur soon after they enter your website.

Therefore, if they visit your website and click on and off of your products very quickly, it should be clear that they are mainly looking at how the product looks and not giving the details much of a thought. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. You can use this aesthetic focused mindset to your advantage by implementing an exit intent popup to show them products they are sure to find more appealing.

3. Allow Them The Option to Opt In to Your Newsletter

This method works best if you have a high quality blog on your website that constantly produces relevant content. If you have a nice blog that you feel offers value to your audience, then you should certainly try everything you can to get as many potential customers or clients on your email list as possible.

Like any form of exit intent technology, however, you will need to know the right moment to implement an exit intent popup. The best time to use exit intent popups to increase your subscribers is after a visitor finishes reading an article, meaning after they reach the bottom of a blog post. Many times, and I’m certainly guilty of this as well, people will come to the website, read the article and leave without ever considering the rest of the website at all. However, if you have a timely popup allowing them to opt in to more content in the future, you now have a way to retarget them.

4. Offer Them a Free Ebook

Another one of the more successful methods for increasing conversions through exit intent technology is to offer the website visitor a free ebook or piece of content after filling out a quick information form.

Also known as gated content marketing strategy, if you have a fantastic piece of content that you know readers will gladly fill out a quick form to view, then you can greatly increase conversions by offering it to them right before they are ready to leave your website.

The most important part of this strategy, however, is the content. If the title isn’t eye catching and intriguing, then you might not see much for results. However, if your title draws them in and is followed by a great article, then you will have earned the trust of the website visitor and are well on your way to converting them into a customer in the future.

Exit Intent Technology Can Greatly Help Your Conversions

Although exit intent technology is fairly new, it has already proven to be successful with many eCommerce sites and personal blogs. While it takes some trial and error to find which strategies work best, exit intent technology can have a profound impact when properly implemented.

It can be frustrating to constantly lose customers, and utilizing exit intent popups in the right manner can greatly help you increase your conversion rate.

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