6 Kinds of Content That Drive More Traffic

Getting more people to visit your website is the goal for most business owners and bloggers. If you’re struggling to get visitors, one of the problems could be your content.

Compelling content isn’t just good writing. It’s a marketing tactic that ideally attracts your targeted business.

This article will cover several content types that might help your website, but you certainly don’t have to use all of them. Try these suggestions to see how well new approaches work and vary your existing content.

Once you’ve seen what works, you’ll obviously want to incorporate those elements into your web content more often.

  1. Infographics

Infographics employ a combination of text and imagery to convey lots of information in a small space. They replace the blocky text we too often encounter on websites and can connect strongly with readers.

A study published on Linkedin showed that infographics get four times more likes than presentations and 23 times more than documents on SlideShare. They’re also liked three times more often than documents and presentations on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Companies create and promote infographics a lot these days, so if you want yours to stand out, solid research and up-to-date visuals like gifs and memes will be needed to highlight your message.

  1. Landing Page Content

The landing page is perhaps the most important place on your website. It’s typically where your visitors get initially directed from social media or a browser search.

The goal of a good landing page is to present strong value proposition. Readers should know from the start why your services and products are of use, and they should be persuaded to move further down the sales funnel by the end.

For an excellent example, consider this page from a law office in Texas. The title clearly states the purpose, and every word thereafter addresses the value of the service.

Buttons are positioned at the top of the page so customers can click at any point to learn more.

  1. Videos

No content performs quite as powerfully as videos. According to WordStream research, one-third of all online activity consists of watching videos.

About 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos they just watched with others. As a result, 51 percent of marketers say that video is the most useful content with the strongest ROI.

Not all videos will result in massive web traffic, but a video that’s done well for its targeted audience can. Consider this one from Crazy Egg that brought in $21,000 a month. The clever use of graphics, motion, and speech make it effective and appealing to targeted users.

  1. In-Depth How-to Blog Posts

Most companies have a blog now. If you don’t, you should. A great way to improve your blog and provide content potential customers will want to read is to go into a particular topic in depth.

Explain in detail how to perform a certain task relating to your industry. You want to show your target audience an efficient way to accomplish a task. Readers tend to value posts that discuss a topic in detail rather than just skim over the surface.

A good how-to post will include:

  • An introduction to the problem
  • An introduction to the solution
  • The appropriate steps for putting the solution in action (here’s where you can go into detail)
  • A summary of what was described so far
  • A conclusion to tie everything together and attempt to win a conversion

It will also be concise and use short paragraphs to make lengthy content manageable for your readers.

  1. EBooks

Ebooks, particularly ones that are free or less than $2, offer a solid strategy for driving an appropriate audience to your website. They provide users with something valuable while building awareness of your brand.

Ebooks are also a great opportunity for you to collect email addresses. Typically offered in PDF format, they can be downloaded onto one’s computer.

The topic doesn’t have to be revolutionary, and most of them are honestly not that well written. You might gather a combination of all the blog posts you’ve written and organize them into book format.

You should include graphics, colors, and smart formatting, to make the content easy to understand and professional. As long as it’s useful for your intended target audience, an ebook will bring traffic to your page.

  1. Opinions on Popular Topics

Although factually correct content is an appreciated asset, many customers also love a good opinion rant every now and then, particularly from a company that has established itself as an authority on a particular topic.
To write a good opinion blog post, choose a hot topic or issue — one that relates to your industry, if possible. Then use strong and expressive narration to stake your position and influence others.

As an example, consider this article by Neil Patel from Quicksprout. He was frustrated with a narrative on “the demise of guest blogging” and makes his opinion very clear. This piece is well thought out and useful for readers.

This is the kind of traffic that will attract targeted attention and bring more people to your page.

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