6 Reasons You Should be Blogging as a Professional

Blogging is great for the business, but is it valuable for the individual? The attention and notoriety that comes with an authoritative blog can cause a huge boost in your personal career.

Build an Audience

It takes time and dedication to grow your audience into a substantial crowd. Your audience will start out as random leads that have stumbled across your page, but the goal is to grow it into a list that is loyal, receives your email updates, and returns for more. Once you’ve built an audience, you are a valuable voice who can promote things and get paid for it or get a content marketing job with your portfolio on hand.

Stand Out

Only one percent of internet users are out there creating new content—99 percent are just out there looking and sharing the content of others. When you blog with original content, you are immediately sectioned into a separate group that stands out from others in the crowd. Now, when your employer searches for you online, he or she will find a whole new facet to you as a professional.

Prove Expertise

A blog may cover any topic, so choose something you are (or wish to be) an expert on. Dig deep into your subject and try to uncover the aspects of your industry that no one is talking about. In order to step out of your comfort zone, it helps to look at blogs from an entirely different industry to see what kinds of topics, questions, and materials they are covering.

Connect With Peers

Not many people are actively creating their own content, which makes them more likely to connect with you. It may surprise you to receive requests for guest blogging, speaking opportunities, advice, and more. Blogging helps you build a network of friends in the industry and gives you something to talk about at your business meetings and office parties.

Pursue Self-Guided Professional Development

Even when you are writing about your own professional view on the job you are currently doing, you will be pushed to learn and check out new things. This means you can work on meeting your long-term development goals. Use your blogging to learn and avoid getting stuck in a rut as you change things up for your audience. Blogging will force you to fact check your data and stay at the top of your game when it comes to what you believe about your industry.

Organize Your Notes

If blogging is a learning journey, then the posts are like a giant notebook of your findings. With keywords, subject headings, and archival dates, you can go back and check through the things you learned previously, which will help you retain your own work. Just as your blog will help others learn from you, it is also a great place to pull out those thoughts swirling around in your head and put them down in black and white.

Writing a blog is time consuming and hard to pursue on a consistent basis, but it is a great experience. Dedicate yourself to the first six months before you stop and analyze your progress, since you will need time to grow your audience and form your posting patterns.

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