How to Attract Gen Zers to Your Travel Blog

When it comes to successfully running your travel blog, there’s so much you’re doing right already. From having perfected your blog’s profile on Facebook, to writing specialized blog posts about personal hacks you’ve used to save money while traveling, which you know no other competitors are writing about as well as you are, you’ve become great at blogging. You’ve finally found a way to make it into a business, and this income allows you to travel as much as you like.

In general, everything is trending positive but now you’ve started to think about how can reach out to Gen Zers. They’re about to become a large part of your consumer base in the US–and it’s time to pay attention to what will lead them to your blog. Luckily, there are some great strategies you can use. From using the newest kinds of social media apps to engaging with them in a way that gets their attention, you’ll get more Gen Zers reading your blog–and here’s how:

Talk about trending topics, such as cryptocurrency

The fact is, Gen Zers are different than the generations that came before them. They may be similar to millennials in that they’re willing to pay more money for ethically sourced products, and that they tend to be more left-wing than right-wing, but some things set them apart. One large difference is that Gen Zers care more about money. They’re more likely to be entrepreneurial, in large part because they watched the 2008 crisis unfold when they were younger, and witnessed many idealistic people around them unable to find jobs.

Cryptocurrency has become so huge since Bitcoin shot up in value in late 2017. Startups such as the Fr8 Network have created freight blockchain technology that’s going to revolutionize the freight industry in the US, so you should write about it; for example, you could write about cryptocurrencies that are popular in countries Gen Zers are visiting, or offer advice on how you can save up for your next trip by investing in Bitcoin. Considering that this generation is expected to reach 2.56 billion by 2020, it’s worth the effort of catering your content to them starting now.

Get on Snapchat

According to Higher Ed Live, “More than 80 percent of college and high school students use Snapchat, making it the most-used social media network among Gen Z (and number two among millennials). And of those users, more than 70 percent say they use Snapchat more than six times per day. It’s used, and used often.” It’s no surprise, considering how often the youngest Kardashians and other celebrities are using it to connect with their constantly-connected followers. So if you want to seem accessible to Gen Zers, it’s time to get a Snapchat account if you don’t have one already.

Obviously, it’s not possible to post an actual blog post on Snapchat–but you can still post short videos about your travel adventures, provide links to your most recent blog post, and chat with your fans using features like Snapchat stories, cool filters, and emojis. In addition to Snapchat, get on Instagram, too–and if you can, contact influencers who can talk about how useful your blog was when traveling to a foreign country for a music gig or modeling shoot.

Be mobile-friendly and create an app

Finally, it’s important for you to be as mobile-friendly as possible. The fact is, American consumers were already spending five hours a day on their mobile devices back in 2017, and Gen Zers no doubt are spending even more time on there, constantly checking their Facebook notifications and their friends’ Snapchat stories from a crazy Saturday night out. Already, lawyers such as Aaron Kelly on FiveHundo are spending as much time as they can researching the latest technologies their customers are using. You should, too.

According to the CEO of Landlord Station, you’ll want to use a responsive technology framework, which works like this: “these frameworks are basically simple ways to lay out elements in a grid and then shift that grid based on different screen sizes, so that elements on a large monitor are spaced just as well as they would be on an iPad [or smartphone].” Many website builders, such as, automatically do this–so check them out and see if it’s worth moving to a new domain or updating the one you already have.

By using these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to attracting Gen Zers to your travel blog and attracting even more readers who’ll become loyal followers.

What other strategies do you use to attract readers to your blog?

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