Best Managed WordPress Hosting Plans By A2 Hosting

As the number of websites on the internet grows more significant, there are needs to manage the websites more efficiently. In light of this, many features have been added to web hosting plans. Various Content Management Systems have been developed, and websites’ backends have also seen some modifications.

Of the various hosting plans that have been modified for specific usage is the Managed WordPress Hosting. As the title suggests, this hosting plan has been tailored to suit the particular need of WordPress users. It comes with different features that enhance WordPress performance in every aspect. In addition to the features, Managed WordPress hosting plan also offer to take care of the technical aspects of running a WordPress website.

A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

A2hosting provides the best Managed WordPress Hosting plan; the plan is jam-packed with tools and features to get the best out of your WordPress website. The hosting plan comes with Plesk Control Panel.

Plesk Control Panel

On some other hosting plans, you have to purchase a license for using Plesk, but it comes free with A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting. Plesk allows various forms of automation via its dashboard; below are some more reasons why Plesk is the best control panel for your WordPress website.

  • Security; it is evident that security is one of the top-selling points of Plesk. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting is a dedicated website hosting with excellent security measures. With Plesk, you are adding more security, and thus your website will be impenetrable. Here are the security features that come with Plesk control panel:
  • LDAP and Active Directory Authentication; LDAP is the lightweight version of DAP. It refers to the software protocol that enables users to locate individuals, organization, and other units of file resources on the webserver. Also, Active Directory Authentication offers users a more secure, more scalable and faster directory authentication. These combinations make your website files secure more than ever.
  • Built-in WAF (Web Application Firewall); it can be fine-tuned and modified to cater for security measures.
  • Fail2Ban; a feature that monitors IP logs and it can be used to restrict IP address after a specific number of a failed attempt.
  • Multiple web servers support; Plesk support all popular servers such as Apache, NGINX and Litespeed. This allows flexibility in varieties of hosting.
  • Let’s Encrypt Integration; Let’s Encrypt is useful for securing mail servers (SMTP, IMAP).
  • Usability; since the primary objective of Plesk is to manage technical server operations. Plesk has made everything simple with a user interface that abstracts the complex logic operations. Even beginners can operate a Plesk Control Panel via its dashboard.
  • Operating System Compatibility; while cPanel is only compatible with Linux hosting, Plesk is compatible with all hosting types, irrespective of platform.
  • Mobile apps; you can also access your Plesk control panel on the go with mobile devices.

Other features that are included in A2hosting Managed WordPress include;

  • Turbo speed; A2hosting Managed WordPress hosting facilitates extraordinary speed, up to 20X faster than typical hosting server.
  • Extensive storage space; A2hosting Managed WordPress comes with extensive storage space. The minimum storage you can get with this hosting plan is 10GB; others are 25GB and 40GB.
  • Automatic backup; backing up a website is a task that must be done periodically to avoid loss of data should in case website crashes. With A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting, all you have to do is set up the interval that you want your website backed up.
  • Automatic update; to enhance your WordPress performance, you have to update your WordPress and components regularly. A2hosting Managed WordPress Hosting performs automatic updates on your website; you might not even notice.
  • Free SSL, SSD, CDN; all these are necessary for website security and processing speed.
  • Site staging; you can test your website in the background without affecting the life version.
  • Unlimited bandwidth; your website can receive as many traffic as possible.
  • Free jetpack license; the license to activate Jetpack plugin.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee; you can always have your money back, provided you meet the terms and conditions provided for this plan.

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