The Best Ways to Monetize Your New Blog

There are more blogs now than ever before, and it seems like everyone these days has their own! Blogging wasn’t a popular hobby until the last few years, and before that it was unheard of to make money by blogging. The blogging world was quiet until around 2008 when personal blogs really took off. Now, not only is it easy to start your own blog, but it’s easy to start making money through it! Believe it or not, many people make a living from their blog alone!

While a lot of work goes into running a profitable blog, you don’t need 100k views a month to start earning real money with your page on the internet. There are a few ways to monetize a new blog even if you don’t have an impressive number of readers. The most important thing is to create quality content you’re proud of and market yourself like a real business. Here are the best ways to monetize your new blog to earn extra money or even a full blown income!

Create your own products!

After you start a blog, you’ll start building an audience. Even if you have a small audience, you can begin creating your own products or services.If you have a small, devoted group of supporters, you can earn more than a larger blog with an uninterested audience. Your readers trust you, and they’ll be willing to buy quality products from you.

If you’re unsure what kind of products to use, think of what your audience needs. If you run a marketing blog, offer an e-book with all your tips for marketing your business. If you run a cooking blog, sell your latest cookbook with beautiful photographs of your dishes! You can sell anything from hours of your time as coach to book, downloadables, and even online courses! Put time into developing your products, and let them really mean something to you. Your audience trusts your input!

Market your blogging skills as a freelancer

Even if your own website doesn’t have a large readership, that doesn’t mean you can’t market your blog posts and writing skills to other blogs. Lots of online publications and digital content creators are always looking for talented bloggers to create great content. Your blog is like a digital portfolio, and you can show off your top-notch blogging skills through developed posts. Freelance writing is on the rise recently as more industries are looking for remote workers to create content on a contractual basis.

The benefit of freelancing is that you can develop it into a career! There is a growing number of freelancer writers that are able to support themselves on their freelance income alone! It’s inexpensive and easy to get started as a freelance blogger, and if you’re already blogging then you already have the right skills! Visit job boards or pitch your skills to clients until you land your first gig.

Use high-quality affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of passive income used by a variety of bloggers both big and small. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service on your blog and if someone makes a purchase through your link, you receive a percentage of commision. There are a lot of well-known affiliate services like Amazon Associates, but these are notorious for offering small commision levels. If you want to make real money through affiliate sales, you’ll need to find the right products and services to support.

Reach out to your favorite companies and brands to see if they offer affiliate programs for bloggers. If you’re supporting products and services you already believe in, your followers will be more likely to buy on your recommendation. Remember to be honest about what you do or don’t use, and you also need to disclose affiliate links per the program guidelines so you don’t mislead users.

While affiliate sales probably won’t earn you big money right away as a new blogger, affiliate marketing is a great way to learn more about passive income. You might even discover you’re great at promoting your favorite products, and the extra money is a nice incentive for raving about things you already love.

Partner with the right brands

Influencer marketing is on the rise as more and more users look to their favorite bloggers and digital figures for product recommendations. Brands are looking to partner with bloggers both big and small to promote new products or old favorites. One of the biggest myths about influencer marketing and sponsorships is that you need a large following to get started.

On the contrary, brands like to partner with smaller bloggers. The only difference is you need a strong connection with your audience. Many smaller blogs have a loyal following with very well targeted audiences, and brands love to tap into that blogger influence. To get started with influencer marketing, you have a lot of options. The most popular is to join a well-known agency or sponsorship network which connects bloggers with the right brands. The benefit of joining a network is not having to negotiate with brands yourself. You’ll also have access to larger, well-known brands.

On the other hand, as a smaller blogger it’s often easier to connect with your favorite brands on your own by cold emailing or reaching out on social media. You’ll need to develop a pitch that really highlights what you can offer brands through your collaboration. Many sponsorships include product placement within blog posts or on social media.

Sponsorships are common, but they take a lot of planning and negotiating with brands. As long as you have an audience, you can partner with brands. Jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon while it’s still going strong!

Monetize your new blog today!

You don’t need to wait until you have a massive following to monetize your blog. All you need to do is focus on building a strong audience and experiment with different monetization methods. While traditional forms of making money like advertising require a large audience to make major money with, things like influencer marketing and affiliate sales are easier than ever! What are you waiting for? Start monetizing your new blog today!

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