Choosing a Domain Name that works for your Business

When you decide to use a website provider for your business, you will of course, want to secure a domain name that mirrors your brand and what your business is all about. Therefore, understanding the types of domain names that are available to you is good place to start.

You would have noticed already, that domain names end with different extensions with the most common being .com, this is followed by .net . The.Org extension is used for non-profit organisations and should not be used for business . The most popular extensions are collected together and known as TLD’s or top-level domains.

When it comes to choosing your domain name it is recommended that you use one of the top-level domains because this will ensure that your website looks professional, reliable and is out there to fight its competitors online.

If the domain name you want is not available in a TLD then consider a different domain name or make some changes in order to be able to use one of the popular extensions and then use your ideal domain name with a less popular extension.

Choosing the Domain Name

Even though the .com extension is used heavily it will mean that availability can be a problem which means there will be limited availability when you search for new domain names but it is important to remember that on Google search engines, the .com extension is the most preferred extension.

If you need help then use a search company to find out what domain names are available, this allows you to check your favourite domain names first which means you will know whether you have to think of an alternative.

There are many companies out there that purchase domain names in large quantities and they then try to sell these to people at an increased price so try not to fall for these. When finding your domain name keep it short and try to use letters because a long domain name that has a mix of numbers and letters makes it difficult to remember.

Registering your domain name

Your domain name will have to be registered with official company information. This will mean that you will need a login and password, so ensure that you keep this safe. As soon as you are registered, you company name and information will be available online which essentially means your website and business is live.

Transferring your Domain Name

Once the domain name is registered and you have chosen a hosting company they will require your permission so that the domain name can be transferred for their use. It is possible to put in a request for transfer at the site of domain registration and they will provide you with a transfer key which can then be given to the hosting company.

This may sound like a long-winded process but it really isn’t but it is required because it ensures that your domain name is secure.

Use your Domain Name Everywhere

People will be able to identify your business via your domain name so whilst your site is being built have your domain name printed on all materials such as business cards. As soon as the site is launched, edit your email signatures to include the domain name and if you have a premises ensure that you put posters up and even add it to your signage.

Your new website gives you the opportunity to get your business out there so speak to fellow vendors and clients as inform them that your website is live. If you have an email list, send out a quick email to inform them that your website is live.

Securing a domain name that works for your business is crucial and one of the largest steps you can take to making your business successful in the online world.

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