Why Should You Consider Screen Sharing for Your Business?

Meetings help businesses communicate new ideas and changes with their employees. Nowadays, there’s a more advanced way to conduct meetings: screen sharing. Screen sharing adds convenience to providing information to others in a way where they can immediately interact with you. There’s only so much that words in an email can explain. Even if you make and send videos, some questions may arise that are better clarified through demonstration rather than words alone.

Share screen technology isn’t only available to major companies; small businesses can easily gain access and will find that there are many benefits.


It’s common to market products in person. This gives people a chance to see how the product works and test it out themselves. Digital products, however, may not require potential customers to be physically there. This includes online games and programs. With share screen programs, such as ClickMeeting, you can save costs on travelling. Both you and your prospects are given the extra convenience of witnessing your product in the comfort of their own home. Any questions your potential consumers may have they can ask you right there. You would be able to immediately answer them. This extra connection is what separates screen sharing from uploaded videos.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Sharing a screen could be done with certain cables and wires. In fact, it was a common way to share screens at a business meeting. This method, however, came with a mess of cables and complex instructions. Wires could get tangled, in the way, and may cause someone to accidentally trip over them. Put away the wires and get a wireless screen sharing application, again like ClickMeeting. All that is needed is wifi. That’s why it’s not required that you and your viewers are in the same room the way it’s required for connecting cables.

Remote Training and Instruction

You have hired new employees and now it’s time to train them. Through screen sharing, you could host a training program for them. It’s more hands-on than giving them a video or Powerpoint presentation. There could be problems for viewers on how to complete certain tasks. You could show how to solve these issues as well as display exactly how to accomplish particular projects and exercises. Clients who have purchased your digital product can learn directly from you on how to use special features. It takes away the guesswork individuals feel they would need to do from just watching a video or reading instructions.

Host Video Conferences

Unlike meetings, conferences are planned. Usually, everyone must have a copy of specific documents adjacent to the topic of the conference. Screen sharing provides you with a chance to create a video conference. With this, you can send invitations, inform participants about the subject, and even display the documents through the screen sharing program. The conference members will no longer have to download or print out the documents themselves.

Direct Support

Clients can see what’s going on on your screen. They witness all of the demonstrations you perform in a program. However, what if they are having trouble with the program on their desktop or they lost track of where you were? The issue might be difficult to explain. Screen sharing allows you the chance not only to see a client’s desktop but to also take control of their mouse and keyboard. Here, you can show a client how to solve a problem while helping to get them on track.

Screen sharing is an ideal tool for all kinds of businesses, especially those in the IT industry. Regardless of the size of the company, screen sharing is effective for live communication, remote demonstrations, and interaction for participants. Try out screen sharing and see how it can change the way you do business.

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