Four Tips for Bringing Visitors Back to Your Website

In today’s click-happy internet environment, attracting users to your website is easier than ever before. What sets successful sites apart from the crowd is the ability to retain interest. High levels of traffic and unique hits are important, but these figures aren’t nearly as meaningful as the level of engagement which you see from your users.

Here, we look at a few tips which can help you to increase the level of engagement amongst your online visitors.

1. Create fresh and engaging content

Before we start talking about deep industry secrets, let’s start with the simple, effective and classic strategy of giving your visitors something to come back for. Visitors need to know that next time they visit the site there will be something new to engage with and they need to expect the same level of quality.

It’s simple but true – there’s nothing more effective than creating meaningful content on a regular basis.

2. Promise security

Visitors need to know that your site is not only informative, but that it’s safe too. Internet security is a more pressing issue today than it’s ever been before and website owners need to take the initiative to show to visitors that their page is safe.

Using simple encryption like that offered by SSL is a common and smart choice. Using an Open SSL checker can allow you to ensure that your encryption is functioning and up to date all year round. Experts such as Symantec can help with this.

3. Use email marketing

Sometimes it can help to offer visitors a reminder that your site is there, or to let them know when there’s new content online. Encouraging users to sign up for mailing lists is an incredibly effective way of maintaining your professional relationship online.

Email marketing is a powerful tool and as such it needs to be used wisely. If you overuse the tool, it can soon become an annoyance to your customers and can have a negative impact on your reputation.

4. Use social media

Getting people to offer their personal information like their email address can be tough. Establishing a link via social media is often easier, and can be just as effective. This is another great way to let customers know when new content is available.

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