Helping Clients with Domain Names

A client may be looking to change the branding of their current business or they may be starting a brand new business which means that they could have difficulty finding the right name. Therefore it is important that the client understands that a domain name is the cheapest investment they can make from a business perspective but it is also one of the most important. Choosing the name takes time and care because even though it costs little to change it can also cause it can affect search engine rankings.

Before finding out whether the client has a name they prefer, assemble a list of options that could work for them but ensure that they are available. This way you are prepared but it gives you a chance to find names that they may have not considered. The client has to be aware that it is more beneficial to them to have more than one name for their company because this will ensure that they have all possibilities covered.

Even if the client is not keen to have an alternative URL for their emails or client area being able to redirect spelling errors, different variations of the name and shortened versions will help to stop a lot of potential problems. It could make sense to purchase a name that could be used but may eventually get rid of as opposed to looking to change the name at a later stage which could mean on missing out on the domain name. Many hosting companies offer free domain names with most packages so it’s often easier if the client creates the account.

Your client may decide that they have a name for their website URL but in reality a more general domain name may work better for them. If the business is big into advertising then a shortened name works well because it is easy to remember. A good place to start is making sure that the client is aware of the different domain name styles so that they have a different plan should they require it. However, long names and short names both have benefits as a short name can work well on business cards and vehicles whilst a long name can include name places and can make domain names a lot more relevant.

When you provide your client with advice on domain names ensure that you tailor the advice to their needs.  When it comes to a generic URL against a long URL or an established extension against a new one ensure that your advice comes with reasoning and logic. This means that it takes into consideration context, customers, location and SEO.

Your client could benefit from a guide which they could refer to so that they can read it in their own time because they have to understand that choosing the right domain name is not a case of what they sound good because it has to sound good to the customers also.

Finally, there are advantages and disadvantages to registering the domain name in the name of your client or you, however, this should be a joint decision. If you manage the hosting, email and security then it is wise to include domain name management. Should you believe that you will not be working with them in the futures then it will be more beneficial to register the domain in their name. It is important to remember that owning a domain name can have an effect on business expenses for both parties.

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