How to Avoid Being a Victim of a Scam Web Host

Choosing a perfect web host is critical for your blog or business, especially if you are an e-commerce company.

You can start marketing your services and products by selecting a reliable web host. However, if you fail to select a good web host, then your efforts may end up in vain. You could find yourself struggling to finance your business online. Unreliable web hosts do not care much about their clients since they are out to scam people out of their money and fail to offer them the services that they claim to possess. Nowadays, the business world is getting more and more competitive and it is equally important that you develop a keen eye for eliminating these scams.

1. Choose reputable and well-known hosts

One of the best ways that you can be assured of not being scammed is by choosing popular and reliable web hosts like Umbrellar Cloud Hosting. Go for web host providers that have been in the industry for decades and have earned a good reputation for their services. Consider selecting web hosts that have hosted big businesses in your niche and you can be confident that they have what it takes to be your new host. Also, you can inquire from blogs and business owners that you already know for advice regarding the best web host experience they’ve had. Of course, you have to be keen when enquiring from your competition just to ensure that you don’t get misguided. It is advisable that you inquire from businesses that are not your competitors. That way, you will get a clear insight of what you need.

2. Contact one of their representatives

Although there are websites that specialise in scamming their clients without them noticing, make it a priority to quickly detect if indeed they are a scam. Examine the representative by asking them important questions through a phone conversation. Be smart and try to find out if they hesitate to answer when you ask them certain questions. Also, check if the information they give you is in line with what they have posted on their website. When it comes to these types of situations, keep in mind that you are your own advocate. This will help you escape their tricks and traps that may cost you a big fortune.

3. Find out if they offer money back guarantee

Trust me; you don’t want to get stuck with a web host that is not good for your business, as much as they may be offering the best services. At times, it is not what you really need. You have to try out their services in order to know whether they are a perfect fit for you. By experimenting one of these web hosts, you may find out that their services are indeed genuine but they do not meet your requirements. Before you sign up for any web host plan, find out if there is a way that you can get your money back in case it doesn’t fit your specific needs.

4. Take a look at their websites

Once you have shortlisted your potential web hosts, take your time and check out their websites. You might get some information that other web hosts do not offer. Compare the websites and narrow down to the one that seems to be more reliable. Maybe you will run into a site that has been long known as a scam or maybe you will find some trusted web hosts that have hosted great businesses in your community for years. Even if you don’t have any clue about the web hosts, you can do some little research about them to see if they appear to be genuine businesses. A web host’s authenticity matters a lot when determining whether they are a scam or not.

5. Read and understand their policy

Sometimes, people rush into signing a scam web host even without reading through their policy agreement. For instance, an agreement might require the signing party to share a portion of their profits and people click that without even thinking twice or taking their time to read and understand what it entails. Now you understand why it is critical to read the agreement before jumping into signing it. You may get yourself into trouble by just skipping over information that is not clear to you. Consider consulting with a lawyer if you don’t understand the information that is included in the policy agreement. Doing so is the best way to avoid paying a large price.

6. Know when the deal is too good to be true

You remember what your parents used to tell you when you were still young? That you should proceed with caution when something appears to be too good. Yes, the same applies when you are choosing a legitimate web host. For example, if a web host is offering you a lucrative deal that you can’t believe is possible, then avoid it with immediate effect. While you might want to go for cheap and economical services, keep in mind that web hosts are always competing with each other. Ask yourself – if the deal is awesome, then why is everyone in the world not using it?

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