Knowing How to Utilize Website Session Replay to Improve Your Customer Service

A website session replay means never having to ask your clients to send you screen shots or have them go into lengthy explanations on what problems they seem to be facing while navigating your website.

Having your own customer service team or call centre team means investing a large amount of money on a monthly basis. Keeping your team running smoothly and at with optimum software reduces the amount of time needed to sort out a customer issue meaning you will save money and gain favour with the customers with a smooth and fast resolution of any complaints.

Utilizing website session replay to improve customer service

Knowing which software to look for will become apparently easy as you see a clear list of what a certain website session replay software has to offer you.

Considering your immediate needs, you should find a replay software that doesn’t just give you a replay but also offers you a lot more, to able to fully round up all corners of online customer service.

A good website session replay software will include the following features:

  • Time saving = money saving: Reduced average handling time means that you get through customer complaints in minimal time, which satisfies the customer as well allowing your team to serve more customers in previously.
  • Improving customer experience from all aspects: Customers will not only benefit from a fast and knowledgeable service, which will make them happy and have a positive and trusted opinion of your company – but it will also improve your websites performance. With the right website session replay software, you will be able to see full, real-time replay of your customer’s session. Further helping your IT department to see the problem and fix it without fail.
  • Fulfil your risk management and compliance needs: Keeping your customers data privacy under strict data protection laws means the replay software you choose to use, must cater to the ever changing laws of data protection.
  • Having website and even mobile data sessions that are tamper-proof, source-proof and come with a time stamp, means that you will continue to be in compliance with these changing laws.
  • Customer analytics software: In order for a potential customer to actually feel safe enough to follow through with an online transaction, he or she must feel at ease with the website and the entity behind the product/service that they are about to purchase. Entering personal data online and especially payment details, is something that the customer must feel secure about.
  • Viewing the customers journey and actually mapping their every move and click, produces a visual map from beginning to end.

You can actually receive a lot of information from choosing the right replay software.

Such as:

  • Mapping traffic sources
  • Pinpointing exactly which elements of your website are generating the most interest
  • Which products or services bring the most amount of attention
  • Which features are mostly used on your website and which are ignored
  • And very importantly, which products are being abandoned in the cart without completing purchase.

There are so many great features to offer you, which will cut costs, lessen the burden of your staff and save time and offer trust to your current and future customers. To learn about website session replay click here.

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