Learn Some Excellent Tips and Tricks for Applying in Drupal

When you are using Drupal, you must be interested to use some tricks and tips to enhance the benefits of it. The top reviews of the companies suggest that the configuration, administration and moderation of Drupal should be done in the proper way. Here are some excellent tips that you can never avoid:

Configuration Settings

Error Page Customization

When the user navigates to a page where he is restricted of permission, he will immediately receive an error message that remains default from Drupal. Now, these error messages can be customized according to your requirement. The 403 and the 404 error messages can be customized by mentioning the url like this http://<website url> /admin/settings/error-reporting.

Increase the Speed Of Database Tables

The database table needs to be optimized properly if you are possessing a large website with a huge amount of data. If the table contain issues like split or deleted rows, or if the table statistics require update function, then OPTIMIZE TABLE command can be used. To increase the speed of your data cache, you can always use a third party caching system.


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Moderation and Administration:

Clean Up and Control Spam

The community websites uses Drupal for their convenience. But if all the users are allowed with the access of commenting, you will end up with a huge account of spam. If you are using the Adsense account, then the spam needs to be cleaned up regularly. It may contravene the Adsense guidelines and can affect dangerously making the account finally disabled.

Flag Content

The flag abuse module can be used for controlling the spam. The resetting and the reviewing of the content can be easily done through this module.

Clean Drupal

The old and unwanted posts can be deleted and the Drupal must be kept without any junk. The mass deletion method or the bulk removal can be useful in this case.

Website Back Up

Before the installation of new modules or before undergoing any major changes, the backup of the website must be taken to prevent the entire important document from getting deleted. The Backup and Migrate module help you for the restoring purposes.

Host Drupal Website

Shared hosting may save few bucks in your pocket, but it will never be the right option for your Drupal website. Drupal is a powerful content management system only if the hosting can be done in the right way.


White Screen of Death

Suddenly you might end up in a blank page, without a single content or a single error. This type of completely white screen may sometimes refer to as the White Screen Of Death (WSOD). This may happen after updating a module or a theme in Drupal. Therefore the troubleshooting process is required immediately after this occurrence.

Flush Cache Function

As Drupal contains cache for all content, there is no need of generating them every time while the database query takes place. Whenever you notice that the theme updates are not reflecting and your website is acting strangely, you might consider operating the Flush Cache function.

SEO and Traffic

Social Bookmarking

This function can definitely attract huge traffic and can help to increase the rank in the search engine results page. Different modules and functions can be used for sharing the url in various websites of your choice.

Url Alias

You can use the PathAuto module to maintain the uniqueness of your url. This can prevent your url from getting aliased or considered as duplicate with other websites.

Besides the configuration, moderation and administration, Drupal needs proper strategy for its content, theme and appearance. The CSS style sheets can also be modified to suit the requirement of your web design.

Author Bio: Roger Anderson is a well known Drupal expert who is interested in studying all the top reviews of the company. In this article, he is sharing his views on some useful tips that can be applied in Drupal.

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