Monthly Listeners on Spotify – the One to Buy!

If you are somewhat familiar with modern Spotify, then you already know something about what we are discussing in this article. Every musician on Spotify knows about monthly listeners, and plans to purchase them one day. So, for those of you reading this, who are planning to buy Spotify monthly listeners, I’ll try to explain the process, describe some possible “faulty” points of the process.

Modern Spotify is the most popular music-streaming service in the world. More than 350 million people have subscribed to Spotify, and most of them use it every day. Spotify has become the best place to listen to music, with its advanced algorithms, smart and intuitive design, and truly outstanding number of songs. There can be no better place for anyone who likes music, than Spotify.

However, it is somewhat different for musicians. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have chosen Spotify as your primary music-release platform. I am saying that it may be harder than you imagined, when you uploaded your first track. You may have noticed that your music is not performing the way you want it, and your music isn’t as popular as it was supposed to be. And the problem to that is the same thing that makes Spotify so great for listeners – algorithms. These algorithms from a listener’s point of view are fantastic, they can provide a constant flow of new music that won’t repeat. But for musicians, these algorithms do no good most of the time. Of course, I am talking about small and young musicians, without huge audiences and promotional budgets.

Every time you upload a track, it gets displayed and suggested to a small group of users, and based on their response, gets shown to a bigger one or gets dropped out. There is no possibility to affect the performance of your track without using promotional services. So if you have decided to help your music, you should consider buying monthly listeners. They have the biggest impact on the perception of your music by the algorithms, as well as I am informed.

The number of your monthly listeners can be seen on your statistics page, shows how many unique users have listened to your track during the last month period. This number represents your audience in the best possible way. And despite the fact that there are other parameters, like plays and followers, only monthly listeners represent your real audience. And Spotify algorithms use this number to determine the growth rate of a certain musician, and based on this rate select the approach. They can promote the track on the app or ignore it completely. So, which approach do you want to receive?

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