Simple Tips to Help You Succeed with Social Media Marketing

There are various different businesses that now use social media marketing with huge success. The problem is that this is only a small percentage of the total number of companies that fail. Whenever implementing a new type of promotion strategy, you have to truly understand it. Most firms will decide to do this in-house. In order to help them out, here are the most important tips to remember, based on the experience of true social media marketing Sydney professionals.

Use The Appropriate Social Networks

One of the most common mistakes is trying to use all the social networks. This is a huge mistake because of the fact that your target audience is surely using some social media platforms more than others. Contrary to what many think, you should not be present on all platforms since this automatically makes you lose money. Focus only on where the audience is present. If it is present on Facebook, this is where you want to be. If the audience is present on Twitter, you want to have accounts there.

Promote Yourself As A Secondary Service

The followers that you have need to see you as a true authority figure. This is not easy to do. Most firms simply remain focused on promoting the services or products that they have, with zero focus on quality or creativity. This is not a proper approach. Based on absolutely all professionals in the industry, you need to focus on an 80%-20% content ratio. This practically means that 8 out of 10 posts need to offer real value. Only the other ones have to focus on promoting services.

Make sure that the social media marketing strategy focuses on creating content that is valuable and then share it with the audience. That will increase follower retention and will constantly bring in new likes and shares.

Analyze Media Activity

Most people simply stay focused on how much traffic they have. While this is definitely important, you need to know many other factors. For instance, learn how many likes appear on your Facebook page every single week. See what the engagement is. Respond to the audience and then make sure that you manage business reputation.

The analysis of the activity needs to always be done in a professional manner. If necessary, use tools for that. There are many that are free on the market and that offer the information that you need. You have to know how the campaigns are going because of the fact that this is the only real way to be sure that you do something right.


You need to be careful and always work with those social media marketing professionals that can manage to bring in the best possible results for your company. Obviously, this is something that you can learn. However, it is definitely a much better idea to work with the true professionals since this is what will help you to promote your brands in highly effective ways. That is definitely not something that is simple. You have to be patient and always make the best possible decisions.

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