Time-Tested Techniques in Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is very important to business of all sizes these days, but traditional marketing still has a large role to play. So what exactly is traditional marketing? And how can you make use of it in your marketing strategy?

Overview of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing was simply known as “marketing” before the internet came along. Now, it essentially involves any type of marketing that does not involve an online element.

It may be known as traditional marketing, but we still encounter it every day, and it can be highly effective. Advertisements on billboards, TV, and the radio are all traditional forms of marketing. Ads in newspapers are another form of traditional marketing, as are any other print marketing like brochures and newsletters. Telemarketing is also still popular, and this is another type of traditional marketing method.

3 Types of Traditional Marketing You Could Use

There are many types of traditional marketing that you could use in your business, even if you are running a startup. Here are a few that you could try out:

1. Direct Mail

Email may be more popular than direct mail because it is cheaper. But sending physical sales letters can still be an excellent form of marketing. Direct mail is highly targeted and measurable, and because fewer companies are now doing it, you can use it to stand out from your competitors.

Just make sure you use effective mailing software to improve the quality of your addresses and get rid of duplicate records to ensure you get the best ROI.

2. Brochures

People still like the feel of physical documents in their hands, and you can take advantage of this. If you make the effort to design a stunning brochure, you will have something that you can send out by post, or give away at events.

Your targets will then be able to take it away and read it when they are ready to. By including a mail-order form, you may find that this becomes an effective marketing technique.

3. Radio Commercial

If a TV commercial is too expensive, why not run a radio commercial on the local radio station? The costs will be lower, but you can still reach out to a large number of people in your local area. This can be especially useful if you have a local business like a store.

Combine Traditional with Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing techniques can still be very effective for business of all sizes. However, sometimes the best results come when you combine them with digital techniques.

For example, you could add your Facebook or Twitter address to your billboard ads and encourage people to visit your social profiles to connect more with your brand. Or you could collect email addresses in your store and continue to send marketing messages to your customers this way.

There are many ways that you can combine traditional and digital marketing, and many businesses find that this is the most effective option these days. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you at least consider traditional marketing because it can still prove to be highly effective for your business.

Natasha Bolton has been in marketing ever since leaving university. She works for a large marketing company in London, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the outside world through her articles.

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