Top 4 Email Marketing Tips For Newbies

These days, we should all know now personalized email marketing is an imperative and necessary step to establishing a strong online presence for your brand and your business.

The reason why email marketing is so essential is because it allows you to communicate with your customers and subscribers in a personal way and in a manner that no other communication methods allow you to do.

Email marketing allows your customers to be kept up-to-date on what’s happening in your business and to be sent special deals and prizes, for example.

Here are the top four email marketing tips for newbies:

  1. Make It Super Easy To Subscribe

First and foremost, you need to make sure that it is incredibly simple for website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. This is a core rule of email marketing. On your website, the option to subscribe to your mailing list should be at or near the top and highly visible.

You should also offer a reward to the user for signing up to your mailing list, such as offering them a special coupon or a free eBook, so they will feel that it is actually worth their time to sign up.

  1. Use A Countdown Timer For Major Events

If there’s a special event going on at your business, such as a day of special prices or a competition where you’ll be handing out rewards, build up anticipation to the event by blasting out an email with a special countdown timer to the event.

  1. Send Out Test Emails First

The best way to confirm that your messages can be easily read on both a computer and on a mobile device is to send out a test email to yourself first. You can also double check to make sure that each of your links work.

While you’re at it, send your emails to your family, relatives, friends, or colleagues and ask them for advice on how you can improve them before sending them out to your subscriber base.

  1. Send Emails Consistently and Regularly

One thing that you must strive to avoid at all costs is your active subscribers becoming inactive. The best way to avert this is discipline yourself to send your emails consistently and regularly rather than randomly.

Regardless of whether you’ll be sending out an email blast each day or each week, your subscribers should know when to expect a new email. If you send them out sporadically, such as several each day one week and then none for the next week, your subscribers will become annoyed.

You also need to avoid sending out too many emails at once, as this will overwhelm your subscribers. One email a week, two to three emails a week, or one a day is the best consistency to shoot for.

Email Marketing Tips For Newbies

You should find that email marketing is easier than you may have anticipated, and utilizing the tips you have learned about in this article is just the beginning of what you can do.

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