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Siteground is a web hosting company established by 3 university friends 11 years ago. The three founders of Siteground are Tenko Nikolav, Reneta Tsankova, and Nikolay Todorov. They wanted to create a web hosting company that is more secure, faster and with higher level of customer support that others. Today, Siteground is a web hosting company for millions of websites on the internet. It is well known for providing a safe and fast web hosting environment for websites owned by small businesses and personal users.  Siteground web hosting is suitable for hosting business sites, online stores, and WordPress blogs.

Pricing and Plans

At the moment, Siteground is offering 3 levels of shared hosting plans. The startup web hosting plan offers 10 GB of disk space and a bandwidth that can support up to 10,000 monthly visits. The startup web hosting plan is very affordable and costs only $3.95 per month. It includes free domain, free website transfer, free setup, and cPanel. Siteground Growbig is the second tier of shared hosting plan. The GrowBig plan offers 20 GB of disk space and a bandwidth that is enough to support up to 25,000 visits. Siteground GoGeek offers 30GB disk space and is able to support up to 100,000 visits. There are a lot of premium tools included in the GoGeek plan. The GoGeek plan is ideal for a large blog that is receiving a high volume of traffic.

Siteground offers high quality web hosting services at a fair pricing. There is a member area where you can manage the plans that you sign up and the billing status. The user area is straightforward and allows you to easily navigate around.


All web hosting plans include the SuperCacher for WordPress by Siteground plugin. The plugin can speed up the loading time of your WordPress blog. The SuperCacher offers 3 features including dynamic, auto flush and purge cache. Siteground offers free backups regularly. They will help you to backup the databases of your blogs daily so that it is easy for you to restore your website. There is no need to submit any request to have your database backup.

There is an auto installer app that allows you to automatically install various kinds of scripts on your website. Various types of CMS including Joomla, WordPress and phpbb forum are being supported in the shared hosting plans. SiteGround offers automatic updates on the WordPress blogs. This means that you don’t have to manually upgrade your WordPress blog if WordPress releases a new version. You get complete access to the SSH. You can customize the configuration of your server. Other features of Siteground hosting are PHP caching and reverse proxies. Learn more about their host service.


Siteground offers a high uptime guarantee of 99.99%. just like other web hosting companies, the servers will experience downtime and go through the maintenance process. However, downtime happens very rarely in Siteground and most of the time the uptime is 100%. The TOS states that customers will be compensated if they are able to show proof that their server experiences a downtime of over 0.01%. Siteground maintains 3 data centers including Netherland, Chicago and Singapore.

Customer Support

Siteground allows customers to choose the representative agent in the live chat. Siteground create their own ticketing system for the customers to submit the tickets. The ticketing system allows you to choose a suitable customer representative to deal with your task. Siteground offers 3 customer support departments including pre-sales inquiries, technical assistance, and billing assistance. Siteground offers customer support for 24 hours a day for all customer support departments. They offer zero hold time guarantee. A representative will quickly attend to your ticket and post a reply within the maximum time frame of 10 minutes. Most of the tickets are being replied within a few seconds up to 5 minutes. The average resolution time for a ticket to be solved is about 12 minutes.


In conclusion, it is nice to know that there are reliable web hosting companies like SiteGround that do not have problems that many customers complain about other web hosting companies like slow loading time. Siteground keeps its words by giving customers exactly what they advertise. They offer top notch web hosting services in terms of customer support, and features.

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