Website Mistakes That Can Affect Your SEO

SEO is something that all website owners have to worry about. However, you have to make sure that you are using good SEO techniques and not bad ones to avoid having your website banned. Therefore, today we are going to discuss website mistakes that can affect your SEO so you can avoid disappearing from the search engines.

Too Many Graphics

It is okay to be creative when you are making links. However, you do not want to overdo it. We recommend avoiding Java Script or graphics because search engines do not process links that are graphics. It is best to make sure that your links are in text format. Graphic links is a quick way to piss Google off.

Invisible Text

Back in the day, invisible text was used to manipulate the search engines. Today, search engines have caught on to this strategy and they ban sites who implement it. Therefore, to avoid having all of your hard work on your website go down the drain do not use invisible text. Instead, work on using good SEO techniques.

Utilizing Gateway Pages

Gateway pages are the pages that are created for search engines. They are full of keywords and serve no value to the readers. Most of the time, the pages do not even make since and are just created solely to get the attention of search engine crawlers. This is not only bad but it is an unethical technique to try to cheat your way to the top of the listings. All you have to do is write good content and you will make it there anyways.

Missing Keyword in Title Tag

You have to use your title tag wisely. It is okay to put your keyword in the title tag so search engines can know your keywords. However, if you do not have a keyword in your title tag you are making a mistake. This is making ranking higher in the search engine more difficult than it has to be.

Inconsistence and Ambiguous

When you choose your keywords and audience, you need to be focused from the start. You do not want your site to be classified as being irrelevant because you will not get much traffic. By insuring your site is relevant and on point from the very beginning is the key to keeping the search engines and your customers happy.

Bad Link Exchanges

When you are exchanging links, you have to be meticulous. You never want to exchange with a website that has been banned. It can be hard to keep bad sites from linking to your site but you can stop your website from linking to them. Never agree to exchange links with a site for the sole purpose of getting a link. You always need to research the site and make sure that they are practicing good SEO practices or it can bite you in the butt down the line.

Ignoring the SEO Algorithm

The biggest mistake that you could ever make is bluntly ignoring the SEO algorithm. Every web master has the goal of ranking top ten in the search engine. However, to get your site there you have to study the SEO algorithm. You have to follow their rules and continuously update your site when they make changes to the guidelines.

Both new and old website owners can make these SEO mistakes on their website. So, do not think that one little thing on this list is not going to hurt your site. Go in and make the changes right away because once you are banned it can be hard to earn the search engines trust back again.

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