What is Plesk Web Hosting

A popular web hosting management platform for Windows hosting, Parallels Plesk is the preferred control panel of top hosting companies such as GoDaddy and HostGator.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss some of Plesk’s key features, the benefits of using it over other control panels, and take a look at some of the other companies, besides those already mentioned, where you can get your hands on a Plesk hosting solution.

Is Plesk for Windows Only?

In a word, no. Parallels Plesk does support both Linux and Windows servers, though whilst the likes of cPanel and vDeck are far more likely to be included in the former, it’s the latter type of hosting where the platform has found most of its success.

Key Features

Easy-to-use Interface

Like any good control panel tool, Plesk comes with a highly intuitive user-interface which uses icons for individual tools and features separated into different sections (or tabs) to reduce clutter and make the process of managing your hosting as simple as possible.

Enhanced Security

One of Plesk’s biggest selling points is its advanced security features, using several methods of account authentication and top anti-spam and antivirus products to keep both your account and your website secure.

MagicSpam Integration, Dr. Web & Kaspersky Server Support and the option to integrate leading security extensions all come as standard. With all of this functioning in the background, you’re free to focus on building your applications and websites whilst Plesk works behind the scenes to keep them safe.

Quick Installs

Users of cPanel, vDeck and the like may well be familiar with the process of QuickInstall, sometimes known as one-click install. This essentially provides an automated wizard-type set-up for installing tools, website building platforms and applications onto your hosting account as easily and efficiently as you would install a piece of software on your computer.

In Plesk, this feature is often referred to as Automated WebOps, or Server Automation, though this feature does offer a lot more than simply installing a CMS.

Everything from database installation to server repair, creating reseller accounts and more can all be automated at the click of a button.

WordPress Toolkit

Whilst automated wordpress installations aren’t unique to Plesk, a fully comprehensive WordPress Toolkit is.

Essentially, the Toolkit provides one dashboard from which you can manage, update, and maintain multiple WordPress installations on a single server.

It allows you to add, change, or remove themes, plugins and across all of your sites without logging into each one separately. The same thing goes for hardening your installations and managing security.

Developer Tools

Plesk integrates seamlessly with powerful developer tools including CLI API, GitHub, XML RPC API and comes with advanced code editor and site preview tools for more flexible and efficient working.

Together with an impressive Software Developer’s Kit and a separate dashboard for developers, Plesk does a great job of allowing web professionals to get straight down to the task at hand and focus on doing what they do best; building awesome websites and applications.

Who should use Plesk?

Though it’s simple enough to appeal to beginners and those with limited experience, experienced developers, coders, and designers will find they get far more value out of Plesk’s advanced features, developer tools, and frameworks.

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