When is it Best to Use a Reselling Hosting Option?

One has to consider many things when looking for a web hosting solution before settling on which web hosting option to settle for. Web hosting companies offer their services as either reseller plans, shared plans, VPS services, or dedicated server services. The reseller hosting option seem to be the most sought after. This type of web hosting is whereby a web hosting company sells a large chunk of storage space and bandwidth to one customer. The customer is then at liberty to sell the space and bandwidth as they wish to other people. It is not usually only for reselling, the customer who buys the large chunk of storage space and bandwidth may be doing so that host several websites on behalf of other third party business or individuals. The question here is, when is it best to use a reselling hosting option? To address this question, it is best analyzed from two angles. One angle is from the perspective of the person buying directly from the web hosting company, and the other perspective is from that of the person that buys part of space and bandwidth that a reseller is allocated. There are several reseller hosting options offered by different companies, but all of them share some common characteristics as explained above.

The following are the circumstances when a reselling hosting options may be good.

If you want to start web hosting business

Web reseller hosting is the easiest way to start a web hosting business. There are many people and businesses that are looking for a cheap and easy option of hosting their websites. This presents a great opportunity to make a decent amount of income monthly or every year. Web hosting is aware of this and that is why they are offering the reseller hosting plan. With the space and bandwidth that they allocate, the buyer can resell it at a significantly lower price. Approaching a web hosting business this way has many benefits for both for the customer and the reseller. The customer gets a place to host their content online for a significantly low cost. The reseller does not need to worry about costs associated with maintaining and operating a locally owned server, or the technical details of managing dedicated servers. Their only concern is to get customers so that they can recoup their small investment and make a profit.

If you need to host several websites

It is a common occurrence when a web developer or consultant starts with one website and hosts it in a shared hosting space. After some time, they develop a second website and again looks for another shared hosting space. Soon you notice that you keep developing websites and hosting them on different shared hosting space. In the long run, this becomes costly and difficult to manage. If you are wondering if there is a simpler way to do it, then you should consider this option. With reseller hosting, you have a single control panel from which you can control all the websites. Once you have a web reseller account, you can accommodate the allocated resources to cater for the needs of all the websites you manage. With reseller hosting options, you get a higher level of control compared to shared hosting. This high level of control allows one to control all the accounts that are created under it. From a personal experience, this is much easier for controlling multiple websites and domains. It also simplifies dealing with web hosting company. For instance, when it comes to payment, you only have to make payment once rather than several payments as in the case of shared hosting.

Personal name servers

With a reseller web hosting solution, you can create personalized name servers. Normally, you will have to stick with the name server that you are given. But with reseller hosting, it is possible to create customized name servers. This is beneficial in situations where there is need to separates websites areas. For instance, a business can have their domain separated into two name servers, one for customers and the other for employees. The reason they are available with reseller hosting options is because main web hosts want to allow resellers to have a greater control for their domain names.

If you have a limited budget

This is a very cost effective option of getting your website online. Hosting your services online directly to a web host can be very expensive. At times it may not even make sense to your small business. A big web hosting company will offer large space and bandwidth, which costly. For a reseller, they will subdivide the resources they are allocated to suit the needs of smaller users, while also taking into consideration that most of them are looking for cheaper alternatives to host their websites. The cost is even driven down further as most reseller plans have a lower charge for space and bandwidth compared to the rates they charge to other plans. This gives resellers to be competitive and cheaper.

Have no knowledge of handling servers

Server administration requires some special skills. Getting a person to do such work is also expensive. It will add to the cost of operations. It is even more expensive if you have to buy a physical server and construct a server room for it. Web reseller option removes all the stress and costs that come with having to run such operations on your own. It does not make sense to do all that while you can achieve the same with a reselling hosting options. Therefore, this option suits those people who do not know the technical know-how of managing servers.


When is it best to use a reselling hosting option? Well, that will depend on what you are planning to do. From the discussion above, you can use web reselling hosting if you want to start a web hosting company, if you have several websites and want to have easy management, and lack of technical know-how about servers. It is also a cheap option for hosting smaller sites.

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