Win Followers on Instagram in an Intelligent Way

Already in previous articles we had addressed the issue of getting more followers on Instagram. However, in this article we will approach the subject from the perspective of obtaining the best followers for your specific profile.

While these methods may take some time, you can use them to strengthen your “quantity” strategy. The advantage of applying marketing strategies in social networks to automation algorithms is that you can achieve a more solid customer base and more in line with your target.

The advantage of applying this mixed strategy is that you can enjoy a base of followers more relevant to your business. Also these will stay with you in the long term.

We leave you with these four recommendations to get more followers on Instagram:

1. Monitor the Tags Used by your Competition

If you monitor daily the most used tags in your niche you can find people belonging to your target audience.

In addition, an additional benefit is that you can know the latest trends in your industry. If you make interactions about publications that use these tags, chances are you will find people who want to know about your content.

If you find eye-catching publications you can enter the profile and follow it, if you’re interested. The safest thing is to follow you back; they will have things in common. This is a good way to approach the competition and analyze their strategies.

2. Watch the posts your Instagram followers use

This method is very similar to the previous one, but it points to another audience. In the previous one you watched your competition, now it’s about checking the labels that your own followers use.

One of the first impressions that you will take is about the amount of users that generate content about products or services similar to your business.

Try to detect if your brand’s products are evident in your publications. If so, request permission so you can use the photo on your profile.

Normally people are flattered when this happens. So, beyond giving you a like, tend to share these photos with their followers. This will mean buy real Instagram followers of a niche similar to that of a customer.

3. Sponsor contests with an ally

Use the competition in your favor and grow with it. Partner with an Instagram account that has a niche similar to yours, but not similar products. For example, if your market is local because you sell clothes in your city, look for an alliance with a restaurant. Once you define this partner you can launch a contest together.

The condition to participate in the contest may be that the user follows both accounts. In this way you will be able to take advantage of its base of followers and he another of yours.

4. Unify the strategy of followers using a system of automation of actions

There are multiple systems that allow you to automate actions. However, you must choose one that allows you to segment the audience.

Use the information you collect in the three points above to feed your account settings. Win followers on Instagram in an intelligent way. This is the most efficient way you have to gain followers on Instagram.

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