How To Grow Your Side Hustle Money

Side hustle is the buzz term everyone is talking about. Having a side hustle isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it is one that’s increasingly attainable and realistic for more people. You can work full-time and do something on the side to earn extra money. For example, if you have a vehicle that meets the […]

Do You Really Need a Blog?

This is 2018; we shouldn’t be asking this question, right? Wrong. A quick search on Google reveals that business owners, especially small and local businesses struggle to understand the impact adding a blog for social media on their website will have on their marketing strategy, visibility, and overall brand reputation. Now, throw in the fact […]

How to Really Get Your Site on Google Page 1

Google doesn’t give a monkey’s about your site. Google has two sets of customers it needs to please, advertisers and searchers. You don’t pay Google a cent, so you have to earn your Page 1 ranking by keeping Google’s searchers happy. Searchers have very few needs; your content must: Solve their problem Be delivered quickly […]

How to Become a WordPress Developer?

WordPress is a globally recognized Content Management System (CMS) that has more than 76 million users, and this count is growing every passing minute. Therefore, the demand for a good WordPress developer has increased dramatically as people always look for WP developer who can modify their site according to their businesses’ requirements and enhance the […]

The 6 Most Effective SEO Methods Today

The search engine optimization (SEO) landscape has changed a good deal since Google first came into prominence about a decade ago. Ranking your website in the search engine results pages consists of more actions than it used to, when all you needed were just a handful of links to appear on the first page for […]