Incorporating an IR Plan With Burgeoning Innovations

A Tough Situation You’ve got to have the new system, but it’s going to require a steady hand in terms of technology management. For example, SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—is a great new marketing innovation. But if you design your SEO incorrectly, it’ll get flagged by search engine algorithms, spiked, and you’ll lose your investment. In […]

How to Invest in Penny Stocks Without Losing Your Shirt

If you’ve ever thought of investing as a personal business, then you are not alone. Many people have left their jobs to start trading penny stocks at home for profits and an income. Penny stocks trade for less than $1.00 per share on stock quotation systems such as the Over The Counter Bulletin Board ( […]

On the Cloud? 5 Benefits of Azure

If you’re not yet fully on the cloud, then you’re a like a dinosaur just waiting for the Big One to hit. In addition to the benefits it procures for business continuity and disaster recovery, the cloud simply makes things easier – such as collaboration and integrability with other services. Tech giant Microsoft caught on […]

Tips For Designing An Effective Business Website

If the company website is not one of the first priorities of the business, then that would be the first thing that should change.  A website is the public’s window into the soul of a business.  Often, a business’s internet presence will drive the progress of the company.  It is important. For beginners, web design […]

Why You Need a VPN

Virtual Private Networks enable a wide range of benefits, from enhanced security of data to allowing businesses to operate more effectively. VPNs serve purposes for a range of users and if you think it is only businesses that should use them, you are wrong. With cyber crime at an all time high, it is imperative […]