Learning How To Design For Accessibility

Web accessibility refers to the standards of creating digital content and applications that can be used by everyone, including individuals with visual, auditory, motor, speech, or cognitive limitations or disabilities. As many designers and developers wrongly assume that accessible web design is complicated and expensive, they often tend to ignore the incredible benefits such an […]

How to Win at Spotify?

Have you ever asked yourself why some musicians nowadays are popular, and why someone stays unnoticed? I am sure that when you had such questions, by saying about unnoticed ones you were referring to yourself. I get it. You are a young promising musician, who just started the journey to the musical Olympus. And you […]

5 Ways to Advertise Your Business Online in 2020

AdWeek learned that approximately 81% of customers want to see a company‚Äôs website before deciding upon buying a product or service. While some people visit a website directly, through a link on social media or in an email marketing campaign, others simply start entering keywords into a search engine. This means that in order for […]