Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Student Blogging

Student bloggers are looking for easy-to-learn ways of blogging and most importantly, those that will make their blogging activity a great experience. Professionals who writing papers can easily get started with their writing on some platforms than others because of the experience they get from them. The choice of a good content management system is […]

How Beginners Can Make the Most of Using WordPress

If you’re gearing up to build a website, it’s well worth your time to consider WordPress. It’s one of the most popular web building platforms on the web. It’s so popular that it’s responsible for powering a whopping 26-percent of the internet! WordPress is popular for a reason. It’s an open source platform, which means […]

Why Should You Focus on WordPress Security?

It does not matter if your WordPress website is promoting company services and products or it is just a personal blog that you use as a portfolio. In all cases security is highly important. Google blacklists thousands of websites every single day because they become security problems. When you want to be 100% sure that […]

The Significance of using WordPress for SEO purposes

WordPress is a content management platform where webmasters can build, host, and maintain websites, and it is arguably the most powerful website and blog creation tool in use today. Designed to be easy for anyone to use, and with plugins that you can add to bring different elements to your unique site, it makes WordPress […]