How Streaming Promotion Works For Musician

The world has so many opportunities for young artists nowadays that many artists would dream about it in the past. A couple of decades ago, artists were passing a hard and unpredictable road to attract fans. It would take months for them to make music and make it available for people to listen to. But fortunately, human nature always comes up with new ideas and solutions to make our life easier. One of the solutions is the streaming services about which we are going to talk in the article.

Today, all the streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc., made the life of artists easier. Now artists can distribute music to the streaming services and just follow how fans react to it. In this century there is too much information on the internet. And as a result, people get confused about how streaming promotion works. Most of the information may not be right, and it may lead to unpleasant consequences. To avoid harmful incidents, we recommend you to choose appropriate sources for information. Of course, choose the right promotion service, which will have enough knowledge to support you.

How You Should Promote Your Music

There are several algorithms in every streaming service, including Apple Music. The algorithm pushes your music up, and people start noticing it and streaming.

1. More Plays Lead to Better Position

One way to make Apple Music push your music up is to have a lot of plays. You can buy real plays legitly, and hence show Apple Music that your music is worth going up. This will help you become visible on the platform, become part of the playlists, and increase streams. People will quickly discover you, and you will gain a lot of new listeners and fans. Being in the top playlists can play a crucial role in your career. Your ranking will increase, and people will start following you, for future songs.

An essential element is that the plays have to be real. Otherwise, Apple Music may not push your song to a high position. Actual plays mean that people listen to the whole song from the beginning to an end. If listeners click on the song and then leave, the platform may notice a problem. 

2. Get Featured in the Playlists

The importance of playlists in promotion is quite immense. Sometimes artists think that they need to be very popular in order to have their songs in the playlists. The reality is that it is possible to be in the playlists, even if your song is not a hit. Artist Push knows how to get the song into the playlist, and contact with playlist curators. There are many playlists, and each song has to be in the right playlist, for better streams. 


With the right promotion service, everything becomes possible. And in a short period of time, you will notice how your position gets higher in the platform. Hence more people will start following you. We hope that our packages will help you promote your music and move forward in your career.

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