A Look at Some of the Other SEO Related Tasks You Can Improve Yourself

SEO is a complicated business, especially for those who don’t have any experience. There are hundreds of tasks you can complete to improve your search engine presence and, while many of those tasks are better suited to be dealt with by the professionals, there are a few basic tasks you can do yourself to keep the SEO costs down. Let’s have a look at some of those tasks you can undertake with the help of a few online resources.

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Image Optimisation

Image optimisation is the difference in your website improving its search engine presence. If your website has loads of images with missing ALT tags and descriptions, Google and co won’t take your site seriously. Of course, you’re still going to benefit from other ranking signals (Google has over 200 of them), but it’s still an improvement that will boost your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). SEO companies Dubai based can offer this sort of service if you want to outsource the work instead.

Rethink Your JavaScript Programming

The wrong JavaScript solution could strain server resources and even provide a poor UX (User Experience) to your visitors. Use the many online tools to test your scripts and even join professional programming forums to see if there are any better solutions for what your website needs. You might find that changing just a couple of lines of code could improve UX considerably, and that means more brownie points from the search engines.


The navigation of your website isn’t just important for the Google crawlers, it’s also important to ensure your visitors have the best UX. Google doesn’t like to deal with websites that provide poor navigation and have high bounce rates. Try to improve your navigation by taking out features that aren’t needed and are just clogging up space. Look at sticky navigation solutions to give your visitors more options regardless of where they are on the page. There’s plenty you can do here to improve navigation.

Backend Programming

Not everyone has backend programming knowledge, but HTML/CSS isn’t that difficult to learn if you take advantage of the right resources. Improving the code of the backend could greatly reduce the number of images you use thanks to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Ultimately, you could improve the code so that it improves page loading times and it makes it easier for the search engines to find what they need. Look at this helpful guide on improving HTML backend code.

Page Loading Speeds

When it comes to backend programming, image optimisation and rethinking your JavaScripts can all help improve page loading speeds for your visitors. However, there’s plenty more you can do here to ensure your visitors get access to the content they desire quickly. You could change web hosts to take advantage of faster hardware and better networks. You can also change your CMS (Content Management System) to something that’s much simpler and less straining on server resources.

It’s the simple SEO tasks that can make the world of difference to your campaigns. If you don’t pay special attention to improving different site features on a regular basis, your competitors are always going to have the edge.

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