Themes Matter on a WordPress Site: How and Why?

There are more WordPress themes to choose from than most of us will even get to know about, and that’s because variety is important when it comes to launching a new site. This variety in choice is important, particularly in 2019 and beyond, because there are thousands of sites being launched each and every day on the internet. Without themes to set them apart, many of the sites would just look too similar to each other, rather than having a chance to stand out on their own.

Before getting more specific, let’s make it clear that themes matter for all websites, irrespective of which platform they are built on. There are other reasons why themes are important though, and we will discuss some of them in detail next.

Themes are the Digital Equivalent of an Environment

We expect certain things from a beach vacation, such as sunny, warm weather, friendly people, and good food. In the digital world, the themes are exactly that, and therefore, in order to make your website popular and desirable, you will need to select a theme which accurately represents the environment that would suit your business and appeal to your target customers.

Similar to how nobody visits the beach when it’s cloudy and rainy, sales will go down if the theme feels too off in respect to the content/products/services being shared/sold on the website. This actually leads us to the next question; how do you select a WordPress theme for your site that will be appropriate? Of course, one can guess, but there might be ways for you to take the guesswork out of the process and make your investment a worthy one.

First and Foremost, You Need to See Enough of Your Options

Just as it is true for almost everything else in general, unless you have seen a good number of WordPress themes first, you cannot possibly know what’s good and what’s not. Go through Codester’s huge collection of WordPress themes and you will have seen enough of them to get an idea of what you need. As selecting the right theme is a visual process, there’s no better way to gain experience here, than to see a bunch of them and then shortlist a few.

Handling the Sense of Being Overwhelmed

Thanks to WordPress being the most popular open source, user-friendly and supported platform in the world, there are so many options out there that it really can be overwhelming. Which is why all good WP theme developers generally categorize their collections under sections such as “Blog,” “Business,” “eCommerce,” Fashion, “Photography,” etc. To keep yourself from being overwhelmed, stick to the sections that have meaning to you as a webmaster.

Do Mind the Readability Factor

Some would advise that a blog theme in particular should be highly legible, but in truth, every theme you select should be highly legible for your visitors! Don’t make the awful mistake of choosing a font style and color that blends in with the background and makes everything harder to read. Whether you are selling products/services or promoting a blog, this never works and ends up making your site look unprofessional and poorly designed.

There’s a reason why there are so many WordPress themes available today, and even though the best ones can cost a pretty penny at times, as you can probably see by now, every well-chosen, premium WordPress theme is an investment, especially if you have a business website, or a blog with monetization goals.

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