The Top Blogging Strategies for Law Firms

Without a doubt, law firms are beginning to see the importance of blogging towards gaining new clients. For sure, potential clients are able to find a suitable firm through their blogs and the content they publish on a regular basis. For Capterra, at least 33 percent of legal consumers can find a new law firm online, making it increasingly important to focus more on creating relevant content.

Whether you are an independent attorney or you are managing a large legal organization, digital marketing would still be an important aspect on the path to success. If you happen to own a budding law firm, you will have to find ways to open up new opportunities through your blog.

Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

  1. Tap a professional

If you want your marketing to take on a life of its own, you might want to hire an expert to handle your audience outreach efforts. In many cases, firms are outsourcing their marketing to experts that know the legal landscape all too well. More often than not, many of these activities are outsourced to third-party service providers that are capable of handling complex tasks, such as law firm SEO to grow your practice.

  1. Make a content inventory

If you lack the budget to hire another company to deal with your messaging, you can always make an inventory of the content you have published so far and examine its performance. Did a certain article provide a significant spike in visitor conclusions? If so, you should be able to replicate these gains by taking cues from your previous marketing efforts. Shortlisting the type of content that works for your firm is the key to getting a larger slice of the legal market.

  1. Make your content timely

Clients want firms that are credible. What better way to show it than to create a piece of content that touches on recent and relevant issues. You can never go wrong with the practice of newsjacking. It allows you to use a trending topic as a channel to spread your influence, thereby increasing the number of engagements you have made with clients. Be careful, though. Not all issues can be newsjacked. Firms, in this case, would have to exhibit good judgment in selecting trends and topics that can be used in a poster, blog article or infographic.

  1. Provide more visuals

Blogging is not just about the number of words you write. It is also the way you use your creativity to entice or improve your appeal towards those in want of your services. For this reason, it is crucial to provide your blog with professional-looking and easy-to-understand graphics. You might as well consider producing informational videos while you are at it.

  1. Make quality your first love

Don’t just write for the sake of increasing your traffic. Instead, create content that is engaging and offers a great deal of value to potential clients. It is vital for this reason to publish content that has been fact-checked and proven to help clients make the right choices.

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