Wix Code – Does it Put Developers Aside?

Wouldn’t you want to be able to turn the vision that you have in your mind when it comes to the perfect website or application in practice as easy as possible? Wouldn’t it be great for anyone, anywhere, anytime, to be able to create a website that not only looks stunning, but has a lot of functions and offers a great user experience? Well, now it is. Wix Code focused to achieve exactly that, and it succeeded like a pro.

Wix Code has striven to bring both non-programmers and experts at the same table and allow them to achieve tremendous results with just one tool.

Among the things that you can achieve through Wix Code, we can list:

Database collection: easily, safely collect and store content and user information in a database that you can use wherever you need on your website.

Dynamic Pages: you can now set up one design style, create hundreds of pages and update content with just a click. Plus, each page is created with its own unique URL, SEO compatible.

Custom User Input Forms: we all know how important it is to get information from your clients; the best way to achieve this is through forms, quizzes, review sections and more, all of which you can easily collect with Wix Code.

Custom Interactions: keeping your visitors interested in your website is one key aspect to making them purchase something from your site, which is why Wix Code puts a lot of emphasis on allowing users to easily make their websites more engaging by adding interactions elements such as sliding, hovering, and toggle. The rest of them are yours to discover.

APIs: Why not extend your website’s functionality with JavaScript and APIs if you can? Wix Code especially created internal APIs that are tremendously easy to use with just a little coding knowledge. You can customize the data and behavior of any Wix component, without the need of HTML or CSS.

These are, in short, the things that you can achieve through Wix Code. Of course, there are endless possibilities that you can play with on your road to achieving the perfect website or application. The only thing that you need is creativity and desire to create something great that will speak up for itself in a glance.

As expected, these wonderful things have raised the question “Is the appearance of Wix Code good or bad for developers?”

The answer comes in naturally. Wix Code is easy enough to be used by a beginner, but complex enough to be of great use to expert programmers, too. Those who are experts in the field of coding are going to be just as enthusiastic as those who still learn how to write a basic code. Why? Because with Wix Code, programmers can work at their maximum level and emphasize their knowledge in a beautiful, well organized way.

Wix Code allows developers to do what they do best in a fun, stunning way, while also allowing them to show off their talents in the field. It comes as a friend to both beginners and experts, as it does not aim to make a competition between them, but rather bring them closer together.

Even though Wix Code is a very good friend to those who want to achieve great things in an easy way on themselves, it also supports professionals as it offers all the tools an expert needs to lay down his competencies. An expert will find Wix Code rather appealing and tempting than the opposite.

Someone once said that you need to “work smarter, not harder”. In some way, Wix Code sustains that, as it offers experts the possibility to cut down the time they spend working on a project, while still allowing them to input their knowledge and make a difference.

More than that, expert programmers will be able to stand out from the crowd, as knowledge always shows off. They will be able to create stunning websites with complicated yet interesting features that a beginner won’t be able to do. Wix Code allows everyone, everywhere, to achieve a website, yet allows experts to show their expertise.

All in all, Wix Code can easily be thought of as a friendly tool for both beginners and experienced programmers, as it allows both to be the best version of themselves. Even though it is easy to use, it does have features that an expert will be more than happy to find. It sustains growth and allows new comers in the field of programming to become better each day, while also supporting experts in all their endeavors.

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