25 Heart Grasping Sunrise Photography Showcase

When the sun breaks for a new day is a very special time. The quality of light is usually amazing and makes fantastic images. The sun is one of the most fascinating mysteries of the universe and its beauty is unparalleled. However, not many of us take the time to appreciate its beauty and all it offers us. Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. In this post, we’ve rounded up 25 amazing examples of sunrise photography. The lighting produced by a sunrise can be quite magical. Below is a collection of beautiful photographs captured in the light of the breaking dawn.

1. Pebbly Beach Sunrise

Pebbly Beach Sunrise

2. Sunrise Silhouette

Sunrise Silhouette

3. Sunrise Photography

Sunrise Photography

4. Beautiful Sunrise at Blanket Bay

Beautiful Sunrise at Blanket Bay

5. Sunrise Golden Trees

Sunrise Golden Trees

6. Sunrise – Sokolica

Sunrise – Sokolica

7. Taking in the Sunrise

Taking in the Sunrise

8. Valentines Day Sunrise Love

Valentines Day Sunrise Love

9. Boracay


10. Sunrise in Texas

Sunrise in Texas

11. Sunrise in Tunisia

Sunrise in Tunisia

12. Nature


13. Sunrise in Sea Beach

Sunrise in Sea Beach

14. Kauai Rocky Sunrise

Kauai Rocky Sunrise

15. Sunrises Picture

Sunrises Picture

16. Sunrise Along a Stream

Sunrise Along a Stream

17. Just a Sunrise

Just a Sunrise

18. Sunrise in a Bottle

Sunrise in a Bottle

19. Black Sea Sunrise

Black Sea Sunrise

20. November Sunrise

November Sunrise

21. Nkorho Sunrise

Nkorho Sunrise

22. Mono Lake Sunrise

Mono Lake Sunrise

23. October Sunrise

October Sunrise

24. Southwold Beach Sunrise

Southwold Beach Sunrise

25. Durness Sunrise

Durness Sunrise

We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful photographs of the rising and setting sun. So, if you have more pictures of sunrise please share with us via comments below.

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