14 Splendid Free Responsive Photo WordPress Themes

WordPress now has proven to be not only awesome blogging platform but also most popular Content Management System (CMS) of our time. Especially, for photographers the CMS can be used as a complete Photoblogging solution. If you are photographers and want to create own website or blog for promote your photography by online, those themes […]

20 Newly WordPress Blogging Themes for Free Download 2015

WordPress is still undoubtedly the most preferred blogging platform as it initially positioned itself, due to its professionalism, sensibility, flexibility and powerful features. The main purpose of blogging that is to convert new visitors into permanent visitors gets vanished here as you are not delivering them easy user experience. Hence, they are not going to […]

10 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes for Artists 2015

WordPress is a user-friendly, non-scary platform for designers and technophobes alike. It is used to create beautiful sites to showcase businesses and personal brands or as a blogging platform. With WordPress, the only subjective opinion that matters is the experience of the person that you are trying to reach. In addition to that, technology has […]

15 Suitable Free WordPress Themes With Featured Image Header

If you need to build a professional website on a budget, then you have to check out our favorite free featured image header themes for WordPress. All of these professional WordPress themes are responsive, which means they’ll look great on tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs, and laptops. A major through line with each of these themes […]

10 Exclusive Free Fluid Layout WordPress Themes

In WordPress theme development terminology a fluid layout is a layout that uses proportional values as a measuring unit for blocks of content, images, or any other item that is a part of the WordPress theme. It the user’s screen is extremely large then a lack of content may cause the fluid design to lose […]

10 Splendid Free Right Sidebar WordPress Themes

WordPress has been continuously upgraded for serving to the requirements of people who want to own a dynamic and eye-catchy website. WordPress has evolved as a full-blown content management system that’s driving designers towards itself. It’s just as important to have many styling options as it is to have the option of viewing your site […]

Top 10 Fantastic Free WordPress Nature Themes

Nowadays green is one of the most popular color choices in web design. An environmentally friendly and responsible attitude is noticeably growing in the world, even the expression being green has changed its meaning. Here, in this post I am going to share with you 10 best free wordpress nature themes for your nature inspired […]