10 Great Free WordPress Responsive Gallery Widgets

WordPress a well know name in the industry proudly present many free responsive widget plugins to adopt the trend. A gallery widget is a main part of many websites today, it allows you to showcase your photographs, screenshots, videos and many more. In this article I come up with 10 best free responsive gallery widgets […]

A Mini List of Free WordPress Sidebar Login Widgets

Most of us may not consider the issue about login to our sites if the sites are only for ourselves and not business sites or something like that. That’s why many WordPress widget developers came up with nice and user friendly plugins that help you add a WordPress login form to your blog’s sidebar. In […]

8 Exclusive Free WordPress Page Builder Widgets

Page Builder widgets allow you to visually layout and design your WordPress pages through a graphical interface. This makes it very convenient when trying to design a complex homepage layout for example. In this article we will outline some of the best free wordpress page builder widgets that you can use in your existing WordPress […]

15 Brilliant Free WordPress bbPress Widgets

bbPress is a lean and mean solution for the job. It makes the process of creating and managing forums a whole lot easier. bbPress is very flexible and powerful considering it is a free plugin. But you can also get more out of it with some extra plugins. Here, in this post I’m going to […]

A List of Cool Free Productivity WordPress Widgets

WordPress is a platform for creating blogs and websites. There are things that you might want to do, being a blogger, which you haven’t heard of when you stepped in. The following widgets can improve productivity on and offsite from keeping your content consistent to optimizing your social sharing and even integrating other marketing tools […]

12 Reliable Photo Albums Widgets for WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform used to create striking websites and blogs. WordPress photo album widgets can be really useful for making awesome free photo galleries. The ability to show pictures in a structured and eye-catching style as a web slideshow is a very essential function of most contemporary WordPress sites. It is one of […]

15+ Free WordPress Responsive Widgets

Do you want to impress mobile surfers or want to create an awesome responsive website? If your answer is “yes” then use these new responsive WordPress plugins and widgets. Now when you’re adding new features, you’ll want to take care to only incorporate widgets that will support your site’s responsive design. Here, in this post […]