6 SEO Techniques You May Not Know About

Did you know that 80% of your traffic comes from a search query? Which makes SEO crucial to the success or failure of your website, visits-wise. SEO has always been a dynamic field and techniques can change in the blink of an eye. If you’re not vigilant, you’ll find yourself out in the cold and left behind.

Keep updated with current SEO practices to maintain and increase traffic, and promote your brand awareness. The old and reliable standards still apply:

  • No keyword stuffing
  • No link farming
  • Use quality content always

For current SEO techniques you may not know about, here are six of them, gathered from, and tried and tested by, the experts. Learning about SEO needs time and focus, but the results are tangible.

Figure Out User Intent

Google’s latest search algorithm has become more sophisticated. It now includes a user intent when searching the internet. Hence, when a user types in their keywords, Google tries to determine what the user’s goal or intent is. It then produces results that are relevant to the search. It’s that simple…if you have Google’s advanced algorithms. Unfortunately, you don’t.

Learn more about User Intent for SEO to get you ranked.

Get into Featured Snippet

You’ll have noticed that searching on Google yields a box on the first page, above the ranked links, that gives you a brief summary in response to your search. That’s the Featured Snippet that Google began in 2016. It contains a link to the page, the page title and URL. It gets the user’s attention immediately. Your site also gets a ranking on page one, although not always the No. 1.

Trying to get into Featured Snippets is a tough goal. Seek the experts for help and give it a try.

Rank with Voice Search

Today, 20% of mobile queries are done with voice search. By 2020, 50% of all search will be voice-based. Backlinko’s study of Google Home search results yielded the following information:

  • Page speed plays a big role in voice SEO
  • Top ranking pages had a page load speed of 4.6 seconds
  • 70.4% of top-ranked pages were secured with https
  • Short answers were preferred, typically 29 words long
  • Simple, 9th-grade level-written answers ranked high

Use a virtual private network

If you are targeting a specific location for your website, but you are in another country, you’ll need to know the local market and understand the search queries of the population. Only in this way can you plan your SEO strategy. The Best VPN will hide your IP address and make the search engine think you are in another location (your desired location.) It will allow you to see your competitors’ ads, how your own ads compare, and plan accordingly.

Mobile-first indexing

In early 2018, Google enforced its mobile-first indexing in response to the surge in mobile search. You may already have a responsive web design by this time, a better option than a mobile-friendly site. Prioritize your mobile load speed since this will be considered for SEO and verify structured data for both mobile and desktop versions.

Check Google’s video carousel Impact

On June 15, 2018, Google began using the carousel-formatted video box for desktop searches, replacing the old three-video box. The carousel can hold as many as 8.5 videos and you simply click on the arrow on the right to view more.

For some webpages that had embedded video and were prominently ranking, a negative impact was noticed on organic traffic when the video carousel took effect. The click-through rate saw a tremendous decrease. Removing the embedded video restored organic visits, which is not to say that video should be removed altogether. After all, videos are a significant factor in SEO. Find a solution to this dilemma instead.

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