Converting Profile Visits into Actual Sales – The Invaluable Art

One of the key metrics to determine online success for your business is the number of visitors you’re able to get on to your profile. Seeing as this is not a final metric, however, it may be a little bit misleading to rest on your laurels because of it.

For instance, consider two businesses. Business A has 250,000 profile visits every week while Business B has only 100,000. Yet, for Business A, only 10,000 out of 250,000 actually hit the follow button or buy something, whereas for business B, the number is 2 times that of A.

Obviously, there has to be something B does better than A to get a higher conversion number despite a lower visit count. And this is none other than proper profile optimization.

Profile Optimization

Getting people to visit your profile is no joke. It is an art of its own that requires careful planning and maybe a little bit of favor from the algorithm. But despite the delicacy involved in getting profile visits, the true art lies in turning these visits into actual sales.

An algorithm favor can get you profile visits. To truly capitalize on this, however, you need more than luck. You need a careful, targeted plan. And this is where profile optimization comes into play.

Profile optimization is the art of configuring your online profiles to generate maximum aesthetic and practical appeal that is guaranteed to convert a great deal of your short-term visitors into long-term followers.

Optimizing Your Business Profiles

Optimizing online profiles is a must for any business looking to leverage the power of social platforms to discover and reach out to new prospective customers.

Thankfully, optimizing your profile is an art, not rocket science. Below are a few key areas where every business should aim to improve for maximum result:


It already goes without saying that content is the most important aspect when it comes to dominating a platform. In the end, your content is what’s going to make sure that your followers and fans remain followers and fans for a long time. 

What we’d like to emphasize, however, is the importance of content when it comes to optimizing your profile. Thankfully, more and more platforms are also starting to recognize how important it is to highlight your most popular contents on the profile.

As such, many of these platforms now allow pinned content on profile. What this does is showcase the best you have to offer to new visitors, and in the process push them to hit the follow button.

So if you can, always ensure you highlight your best stuff on you profile and pin them if you can.

Text Optimization

Apart from the content on your profile, there are generally two major ways through which customization is done. The first is the text-based customizations while the second is visual-based.

An example of text-based optimization is the bio text. While many platforms tend to limit the number of characters allowed in bio text, what you have to work with is usually more than enough if you know what you’re doing.

A rule when it comes to bio optimization is to keep it short and sweet. There is very limited space but even with that you can still get your point across. In fact, the very best messages are those that are direct and straight to the point.

Visual Optimization

Visual optimization is deemed one of the most important simply because we tend to be more captivated by things we see rather than the things we have to read. For this reason, it is usually advisable that you set aside a great deal of time and patience to fix your profile visual elements.

Mostly, visual sides of profiles are limited to the profile picture and cover image alone. Employing a sort of coordination between both images, perhaps in terms of color or other elements, can go a long way in creating an aesthetic appeal.

For platforms that allow complete background and banner optimization, it is advisable to take as much time to craft an efficient design from scratch. If you can’t, it may be worthwhile to hire a designer to do one for you or make use of a free high-quality ready-made template platform like Designurbate.


By consistency, we mean that a great profile should have some sort of uniformity in all its elements as mentioned earlier. The uniformity may occur in the colors between visual elements, or it may perhaps be found in uniqueness of font and message.

The potential is endless. 

All you have to keep in mind is that consistency and uniformity helps project a feeling of familiarity within your visitors, which is in great contrast to the feeling of confusion that usually arises from having to deal with lack of uniformity.

Furthermore, it also helps them form a clear image of your brand which makes you a lot more easily identifiable in the future.

Information Balance

Information balance is the ability to pass across the right amount of information without going overboard with it. The profile is the perfect spot to make a right first impression, even with the limitedness of space.

The goal, then, is to strike the perfect balance. You don’t want to underutilize the opportunity, while at the same time you don’t want to overwhelm your users with too much information, particularly unnecessary ones.

To get the balance, it is advisable to first make a chart of the important things, and continue to trim them down until you arrive at the essential pieces of information only.

Final Thoughts 

And that’s pretty much every major aspect of converting your online profiles into actual sales that you need to know. Profile optimization remains one of these seemingly simple steps that you can take and will end up providing a result that is almost unbelievably.

Optimizing your content, coordinating your text and visual based elements through uniformity and consistency, and balancing the amount of information you choose to pass across, will all go a long way in making your profile Irresistible to new followers.

Follow these steps and you should be on your way to dominating your niche in no time at all.

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