5 Best Website Builders For Beginners: SITE123, Ucraft, Mobirise, IM Creator, uKit

Users, who have not been involved in website building before, frequently consider this process simple and quick. They believe that making a website is as easy as ABC and are sure that they will cope with the task with no hassle at all. When it comes to the very process of launching a website, it often turns out that starting a project is a time-taking and challenging task. It implies special coding skills and certain web design background to avail a decent result. This is where newbies encounter problems and start looking for a worthy web building solution – the one like using website builders.

These platforms are specially built with the needs of beginners in mind. They are focused on those users, who cannot boast rich web design experience, but need quality websites to make positive impression upon their visitors and reach their personal or business objectives. Website builders are versatile and each of them comes up to specific needs and requirements. Reviewed below are the top 5 systems that are the best match for beginners.


SITE123 is a website builder, which allows solving universal web building tasks. Its ease of use and convenience make the system a nice choice for beginners, who are just exploring web design intricacies. By using the platform, you can effectively launch a business website, a landing page, a web store or a blog.


The functionality of the service caters to the needs of newbies, but it can also cover the major requirements of web design experts. The following features are worth the attention of beginners:

  • Intuitive Dashboard and Easy Navigation. Everything you need to get started is to sign up for the system and access the dashboard, which is understandable for users with little or no web design experience. Whatever option you will explore here, it won’t take longer than a dozen of minutes.
  • Multilingual Websites. SITE123 makes it possible to create multilingual websites by choosing between several localization options. The multilingual tool allows creating several language versions of your website to help reach your goals. The system currently offers over 70 language localizations.
  • Easy Design Customization. To give your website personalized look, you can add and manage the pages, make use of multiple social media integrations options, adjust SEO parameters, edit website designs by changing the styling, fonts, background and other elements. This is done in several clicks and doesn’t require any preparations or niche-specific knowledge.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. With SITE123, newbies can launch blogs and eCommerce websites in less than a few hours. There are special templates for these websites in the catalogue of the service. Management of blogs and web stores doesn’t take much time as well, allowing you to add and edit product lists, update the catalogue, set up payment and shipment details etc.


SITE123 comes with ready-made layouts and templates, which are absolutely free for all users. They are module-based and you just need to select the modules your website requires to edit the available content with your own information. Templates are grouped by their topics, which makes the choice of the required theme much quicker and simpler. There is  no need to master programming nuances to edit the themes – design customization tools will help you do that with ease. This is a notable advantage for a newbie. If you cannot find the template that comes up to your needs for some reason, you can select a blank theme and start customizing it with regard to your needs and content you plan to submit.

Pricing Policy

SITE123 has flexible pricing policy that will meet anyone’s budget. The pricing plans the system offers are cost-effective yet they provide multiple features to come up to various web building objectives. You can currently choose between a Free Plan, Basic Plan ($9.80), Basic Advanced Plan ($15.80) and Professional Plan ($21.80). If you have serious web design aspirations, then you can skip the Free Plan right from the start. It is mainly oriented on users, who have an intention to test the system rather than to build quality websites with it. To reach commercial or non-commercial goals, it makes sense to get one of the paid subscriptions. Mind that the cost of the plans may differ with regard to the location you live in.


Ucraft is a cloud website builder, which initially focuses on the development of business websites and landing pages. Beginners value the system due to its intuitive interface, understandable dashboard, easy navigation and quality versatile templates. With Ucraft, you can design a full-featured responsive website from scratch. Projects developed with the system come with flat design and blocks with full-screen formats.


The website builder comes with a feature set, which helps solve various web design tasks. The service works great for beginners and professionals, offering the following advantages:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor. Ucraft has a convenient drag-and-drop editor, which allows designing the website layout and structure by selecting the required elements, dragging them to the pages and adjusting their positions. The service puts you in charge of the web design process, which is important for beginners, who need to have full control over website design.
  • Multilingual App. Building a multilingual website with Ucraft doesn’t take much time as well. Just launch the app the system has and start building websites with those language versions you need to keep the audience interested.
  • Landing Page Creator. Do you need a landing page? Then make use of this Ucraft feature and design your own project from scratch by using multiple tools the service comes with.
  • Free Responsive Templates. Ucraft template collection allows for the development of various website types, be it a portfolio, a blog, a landing page, a business website or a web store. The themes are responsive in nature and adjust great for any screens and devices. They are also free, which is a notable benefit for a user, who is making the first web design steps. The system also gives an opportunity to switch to the required theme any time.

Pricing Policy

Ucraft has five pricing plans. The first one is free and comes with restricted functionality. It will only be enough to get acquainted with the service and test its major features. To design more complicated and full-featured projects, consider upgrading to one of the paid plans, which range between $8/mo for a Website Plan and up to $76/mo for the most expensive Unlimited Plan. Whatever option you will go for, you’ll be given 14 days to explore it for free. If you are satisfied with the result and are eager to use the subscription for building projects, you’ll have to make the payment to make your ready-made website available to the public.


Being the downloadable software, Mobirise appeals to many users – especially to those, who don’t wish to rely on the Internet connection. To be able to use the system whenever and wherever you wish, you have to download it first and then install on your computer. This is one of the reasons that make the system so simple and understandable for everyone.


Mobirise has multiple features that contribute to its ease of use and create intuitive web building environment for beginners.

  • Content Blocks. Mobirise websites are made of content blocks, proper selection and positioning of which allows forming the required website layout. The blocks are pre-designed by the system developers and contain content you can change on any stage of working at your website design. That’s easy, quick and convenient. The number of system blocks has reached 800 items and it keeps growing as the service upgrades.
  • Free Hosting. The system grants an opportunity to host your website with paid and free platforms. The choice of the latter services is somewhat limited for a novice as you have to know how to differentiate between good and bad platforms. To ensure safe hosting, you can store your ready-made project at Github Pages at no cost at all. This is secure and free.
  • Mobile-Ready Websites. Projects built with Mobirise are mobile-ready as all the content blocks are responsive by default. What’s more, the website builder offers an advanced AMP Website Builder Tool that boosts mobile web page loading and allows users to find them quicker in the search engine results.

Pricing Policy

Mobirise is a free offline website builder. At the same time, the system offers a choice for premium extensions and templates, integration of which into your website will give it extra functionality boost. The cost of premium themes ranges between $19 and $39. In case you buy the entire premium kit, you can save up to 77% of the initial cost.

IM Creator

IM Creator is one of the most interesting website builders available in the modern web design industry. The thing is that it unveils multiple features for business owners, creatives and students. The system is affordable, easy-to-use and hassle-free. It ensures simple and understandable web building process and it doesn’t require any awareness of coding basics.


IM Creator was initially launched with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind. Its entire feature set is centered around building business websites. The most noteworthy options are listed below:

  • Stripes Website Structure. The system is a worthy solution for non-techies, who have no idea of what to start their website development process with. IM Creator websites consist of Stripes – blocks filled with content, arrangement of which results in the development of website layout. As you design your website, you select the Stripes and combine them with each other to get a ready-made website filled with your own content.
  • eCommerce Integration. To build a web store with the system and start selling with it, you should integrate the eCommerce Stripe into your website or select the corresponding template to further customize it properly.
  • Responsive Templates. IM Creator templates are fully-responsive. Whatever content you plan to upload, it will naturally match the screen of your desktop computer or mobile device. There are no restrictions as to the number of pages added to the website.

Pricing Policy

IM Creator is free for users, who don’t plan to make income with it. It provides free hosting, unlimited bandwidth, a rich choice of templates and other beneficial features. In case you have long-term and serious aspirations, you can make use of two paid offers, namely the Premium Plan ($8/mo) and the White Label Plan ($350/year). Both options come with a broad range of features that come up to the needs of resellers, hosting companies, business owners. Make sure to check the options they provide prior to making the final choice.


Business websites are, probably, the most popular due to the high demand of users for them now. With uKit, the launch of a business website won’t be  a challenge. The website builder is an indispensible solution for beginners, who have an intention to launch their own small/medium business projects.


uKit is oriented on the creation of such websites and it has a rich feature set that makes it stand out from the crowd. These are as follows:

  • Ease-of-Use. The platform is stunningly simple. This eliminates the need to look for the tutorials and spend time mastering its basics. uKit ensures intuitive web building environment and comes with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use the service.
  • uKit offers an impressive set of widgets to come up to various tasks. This especially concerns business widgets, the choice of which will be a pleasant surprise for a newbie.
  • eCommerce Set Up. With uKit, you can design a full-featured eCommerce website, choosing between two options – Ecwid plugin integration and eCommerce widget connection. Both variants make it possible to effectively manage and run your online store, even if this is your first eCommerce experience.
  • Responsive Themes. Making websites responsive is a must. uKit perfectly copes with the task by introducing free responsive templates. They are available in industry-specific niches and you can customize any design of your choice. Selecting a blank theme is also possible here. This allows a newbie to design a website from scratch, submitting personalized content only. By the way, template change option is also available here. If you are not satisfied with the theme you’ve initially chosen, you can change it on any stage of the web building process.

Pricing Policy

uKit is one of the most affordable website builders ever. You won’t find free plans here, but this is not a problem. The pricing policy of the system is flexible and more than moderate. As of today, users can choose between four paid plans, the cost of which starts with $4/mo for the Premium Plan and reaches $12/mo for the Pro Plan. Right after you sign up for the system, it will offer a free 14-day trial, which will allow testing all the features of the plan chosen. This is how you will understand, whether it is worth the investment or not.

Bottom Line

The process of website creation takes much effort, time and skills, if you are an expert in website building. It becomes even more challenging, in case this is your first web design experience or you wish to switch from CMS WordPress because of the insufficient programming skills. The use of website builders will help solve the prevailing amount of such problems. These systems are specially launched with the needs of non-techies in mind. They come with multiple features and tools that contribute to the ease of use and make the process engaging, quick and simple. SITE123, Ucraft, Mobirise, IM Creator and uKit are the most trustworthy and easy website builders for beginners. If you really need a quality website, these services should be the first on your test-list.

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