SpringBuilder Gaming Website Builder Review

Launching a website is frequently a challenge, if you are not sure as to what to start with. Whatever project you plan to create, you’ll have to choose between two popular types of website builders. These are universal services (they let you start different types of websites) and specialized website builders (these systems are specially developed to launch certain industry-specific types of websites).

SpringBuilder belongs to specialized website builders. This is the product of BetConstruct – a renowned developer of online and offline gaming solutions. So, it’s quite obvious that the platform focuses on the development of gaming and betting websites that are chock full of niche features, tools and integrations. It’s high time now to explore the system from different angles to find out how exactly we can use it to start a successful and profitable gaming business.

Who Should Use SpringBuilder?

The website builder is developed with the needs of designers and beginners in mind, allowing each category of users an opportunity to upload, change or edit website content or design. There is no need to rely on account managers, third-party designers or marketologists to launch and promote your website online.

It is you and your team, who are in charge of the web design process and can manage it with regard to the requirements and terms of your marketing campaign. Finally, SpringBuilder is SEO-friendly. Websites created with the system rank high in the search engines due to the availability of the SEO App tools (creation of human-friendly URLs, filling out meta tags etc.) for better and fast project optimization.

SpringBuilder Features

Being primarily focused on the creation of gaming websites, SpringBuilder unveils multiple options and features to make your project one-of-a-kind. These features contribute to more effective web design and promotion process. The most crucial of them are listed below:

Free Landing Page Creator

Even though, SpringBuilder is initially a gaming website builder, you can also launch other types of projects with it. With this purpose, the platform offers a free landing page creator that enables inexperienced users to design and publish quality landing pages to present their businesses on the web at no cost at all.

Designer Tools

The set of Designer Tools SpringBuilder offers encompasses three types of elements for effective design customization. These are the Typography, the Layout and the UI Kit. Each element performs a particular function, while their combination allows you to get full control over your website design  (selection of color palette, fonts, style, background, typography and the edit of all interface elements in the selected template).

Articles App

Adding a news feed or a blog to your website might be an interesting and rewarding idea you can fulfill by means of using the Articles App. It makes it possible for you to choose and modify blog options, write, add and schedule thematic blogs and just stay closer to the target audience.


You can set up payment and shipping options, add and manage product lists, write detailed product reviews, upload images and perform other multiple actions to boost your web store functionality. The service has around 240 payment alternatives to cover a variety of user needs (Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, WebMoney are some of the most popular examples).

Logo Maker

Creating and integrating a logo into your website shouldn’t be difficult. Just upload the existing logo or use the set of elements to create a new one and add it to your gaming website.

Casino Application

You can add new games to your website, create gaming categories, connect players and launch different types of casino projects based on your user preferences.

Multilingual Tool

An advanced multilingual tool allows launching different language versions of your gaming website. Due to this feature, you can have as many website types as you need to target foreign uses and partners.

Team Access

Granting access rights to the dashboard to all the members of your team working on the development of a project will contribute to the efficacy of the process and quality of the final result.

Integration of Tools, Apps, and Extensions

With SpringBuilder, you can integrate a rich number of third-party tools, application and extensions (from casinos and providers like Microgaming and Netent and up to the marketing tools like Google Analytics, Intercom, Hotjar, Typeform,  Eventbrite, MailChimp etc.).

Gaming Elements

Specializing in the development of gaming web solutions, SpringBuilder offers a set of elements that can give a project strong gaming focus. These encompass Selected Sports Games, Betslip, Winners Chart, Events, User Account, Fantasy Sports, Mini Games and a number of casino gaming elements (Games, Category, Favorites, Search).

SpringBuilder Design Options

SpringBuilder design options are really versatile and impressive. To start with, you can choose between four types of pages you can add to your gaming website to get the features it lacks for some reasons. The major types of these pages are as follows:

  • SportsBook
  • Casino
  • SportsBook Calendar
  • Other Page Types

Each of them comes with a certain set of features and tools that can give the page the intended performance and design.

  • Thus, the SpringBuilder Gaming Website Builder Review (it is available in Live and PreMatch modes) is meant for users, who inquire about the events happening in their favorite sports games and matches.
  • To launch a casino website and add games or related categories to it, all you need to do is to activate the corresponding Casino page.
  • SportsBook Calendar is the top notch destination for gaming and sports enthusiasts willing to be aware of all the news, updates, gaming schedules and other events in the gaming industry.

If you feel that there is something your website lacks for some reason, you can consider adding other types of web pages to it, such as Games, Pools, Virtual Sports or FinBet.

What about the templates?

Does the service offer enough themes to come up to versatile user needs? Is there is a template change option and is it possible to create a website from scratch with SpringBuilder? Fortunately, the service has positive answers to all these questions as well as to other concerns users might encounter. The platform has a pretty extensive choice of website templates and you can change them during the web design process. The templates are specially developed with the needs and interests of gamers in mind.

Whatever template you will prefer, it will be pre-designed by professional SpringBuilder developers. You can completely change their content with that of your own. Another option is to select a blank theme and start your own project from scratch, if you have enough time to do that, of course.

SpringBuilder  Support

Will your users be able to avail 24/7 customer support, when browsing the website launched with SpringBuilder? Is it possible to get qualified assistance while working on the project? Yes! The website builder can boast helpful and professional customer support accessible any time of the day. There is a LiveChat Help icon available in the right low corner of the website, which immediately reacts to all the questions and user inquiries. What’s interesting, customer support agents can communicate with users in 14 languages, which increases client trust.

SpringBuilder Cost

SpringBuilder is free for all user categories. This is because the website builder is the product of BetConstruct and, thus, all its tools, templates and features are absolutely free. The only exception is web store creation. Users, who work with SpringBuilder to launch an online store, will have to pay for the service. The price list is as follows:

  • Basic ($156/year),
  • Pro ($372/year)
  • Unlimited ($720/year)

If you plan to use SpringBuilder for eCommerce purposes, then take your time to explore the features each option offers prior to adopting the decision.

Final Thoughts

SpringBuilder is a quality, advanced, professional and flexible gaming website builder. It is easy to use and it doesn’t require specific web building expertise or programming background. The service was designed by BetConstruct with the interests and user needs in mind. It is free, while its features and design customization tools are on the top notch level and ensure safe, fast and convenient web building process. The website builder comes with reliable 24/7 customer support, niche templates and abundance of features that contribute to the efficacy of the website creation process. If you are searching for a decent gaming website builder, then SpringBuilder is definitely worth the investment!

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