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3 Tips for Creating A Website That Appeals To Women

In many homes, the women are the ones who make the majority of purchasing decisions. Knowing this, a huge number of businesses choose to cater their marketing and advertising slightly toward women with the hope that they’ll be able to make more profits this way. However, if you’re not careful, your efforts to appeal to women can either be too subtle or too heavy-handed. So to help businesses looking to find the right balance in this area, here are three tips for creating a website or other online marketing materials that will appeal to women.

Look At Pages Holistically

To help you know how to best cater your website and other content slightly toward women, you first have to understand how women’s minds differ from men. According to Ren Walker, a contributor to Adpearance.com, women think more holistically while men more often compartmentalize in their thinking. With this in mind, websites that want to appeal more to women will often use more white space rather than separating all their on-page elements into different boxes or distinct areas. This means that rather than putting all your content into sectioned areas, you’ll want to create pages that seamlessly use white space when separation is necessary, like this website does with vintage engagement rings.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Modern women lead very busy lives. Whether they’re professional women, stay-at-home-moms, or everything in between, their time is very precious. This means that they have very little time to waste doing hours of online shopping. Knowing this, Jonathan Long, a contributor to Huffington Post, suggests that you always create a website aimed at women as mobile-friendly. This will give you the best chance of getting the maximum amount of traffic and, consequently, sales from your website.

Consider Color

While there are colors that are traditionally thought of as masculine and feminine, those aren’t the exact type of colors we’re talking about here. It’s actually not going to be beneficial to you to make everything intended for women in the color pink. That could backfire on your tremendously. Instead, Carrie Cousins, a contributor to DesignModo.com, suggests sticking to colors that are either more muted or pastel in their shade. Women tend to be more drawn to these colors. And although these rules aren’t all-encompassing for every woman, generally women prefer lighter colors to darker, heavier colors.

Catering to women can be difficult, but if you’re determined to serve this demographic, it pays to know what appeals to them. To have your website more suited to female customers or clients, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you design web pages that generally lend themselves to the appeal of women.

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