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Best Design Tips to Boost Your Website’s SEO

These days, SEO is crucial for any business that wants to survive in an online world. If you’re not familiar with the term SEO, and you own an online business, then pay close attention as the tips that we offer below will seriously help your business website get more traffic.

By SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we mean all the techniques and tricks that will help your website improve its ranking in Google’s search engine results pages and are necessary to get your website found online. Most people use a search engine, like Google, to find a product or business. Therefore, it’s key that your website shows up on the first page of Google, as that’s where you will get more of the clicks that lead to your website. There are so many things you can learn about SEO in a short time. We will focus on a few of them below to get you started with easy tips for your website. For more good SEO tips, check this out.

If we can give you one crucial piece of advice it would be this: optimize your website for users, not for search engines. Of course, the technical changes that are done to a website increase your chances of being properly crawled and indexed but ultimately you want your users to have the best experience possible on your website. See below some more in depth advice on how to achieve the best UI/UIX for SEO.

Say it with Pictures

Images are a great way of providing readers with a more visual experience. These days all great pieces of content contain some kind of imagery. Whether it’s an infographic, or a stock photo, or your own product pictures it’s important that these images look great – so use your own judgement to decide whether you think your pics make the cut.

Another great SEO tip we can give you would be to add alt text to your images.  Alt text is a short descriptive text that is added to an image. This is done so that Google or any other search engines can understand your content better. Search engines do not have the ability the read rich media just yet, so it’s best to give them a little hand.

Clear structure

Having clear structure of your content is crucial for both search engines and users.

For a user, seeing a structured article will make it much easier to read and give a much more pleasurable experience, and thus increasing time on site for a blog post. Search engines love structure as well, so be sure to use titles, descriptions tags and H1 heading tags for each paragraph.

Easy navigation

When a user enters a website, they will very quickly make a judgement call and decide if they’d like to stay on your website, or leave. If a user leaves your site immediately, this is a bad sign for a search engine as they understand from this that your website is not a user friendly choice. The best way to avoid this would be to provide users with a beautiful and simple layout that is easy to navigate through. If users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, they will ultimately increase their time on site and keep on browsing!

We hope that these tips will give your website a small SEO Boost!

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