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Crucial Reasons Why You Need A FAQ Page

A FAQ page is something most of the websites have nowadays. But why is it useful? Do you really need another tab on your fully loaded store? Does anyone still use it and does it bring any real benefits to your business?

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All these questions might pop into your head when creating a fresh website. Or they might come to you when somebody asks why you don’t have a FAQ page. Well, we will tell you one thing – it’s more than beneficial to have it on your website. And in this article we’ll show you different reasons why. If you find it interesting, you can find even more rules for creating a successful knowledge base or FAQ page.

It Helps You Indicate Website Design Problems

A FAQ page is the place where your website visitors will turn for help when they first encounter a problem or have a quick question. It is crucially important for you to track the most often searches that appear in the FAQ pages and the most commonly clicked sections of it.

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Notice, what kind of content and what kind of answers are your clients looking for. If your website is a monetized blog and you have noticed that lately it has been experiencing increased traffic after the publication of instructions how to build your own house, then go and check how many views this posts had ever since. If you see that in a few days it has been more successful than all the other information on your FAQ, then pursue this strategy and write more points like this.

On the other hand, if you have noticed that people often look for pricing information, contacts, or delivery costs, then you need to change something in your website design because you are wasting the time of your customers. Basic information like that should be easily accessible for anyone. So maybe put it in a more obvious place, change the colors or the fonts.

It Grows Your Sales

People are actually more likely to look for information by themselves nowadays. That’s why most of us couldn’t imagine a day without Google. And even if we are social people, we live in such a digitalized world that it seems more normal and common to dig up answers to your questions yourself than call somebody and ask. The main point here is time – it’s faster to do it yourself because sometimes you are not even sure how to ask the questions correctly.

And here come the knowledge bases and FAQ pages – you might not believe it, but people love it, and people use it very often. It’s simply faster this way. And if a potential client has a chance to find needed information at any time of the week, even when it’s the weekend, he is more likely to place an order. And more to it – the person will make a purchase much faster because he or she won’t have to wait for an answer.

Also, this will lead the clients from your competitors to you. Because if someone’s on a deadline for organizing a party and need purple heart confetti right now, they will buy from you if you list what you keep in stock on your FAQ and your competitors don’t. This implies especially when the client is not a receiving a fast answer from your competitors. So they might be offline, but your listing is always online.

It Makes The Clients Happier

Happy clients mean a high rate of user satisfaction, which means more loyal customers and recommendations, and therefore – higher sales. It’s nice for your visitors to know that you care for them and value their time.

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By adding a FAQ page on your website, you save their time and their option to shop by themselves. So make your clients happy and your sales bigger and build your own WP FAQ – this plugin will fulfill your expectations more than enough.

A FAQ on WordPress will have an absolute benefit for your SEO – you can read about it more in this article and learn how to use SEO plugins, how to choose categories and tags correctly, and so much more.

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