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Four Reasons To Have A ‘Reviews’ or ‘Testimonials’ Page On Your Website

When you’re setting up your business website or your online portfolio, one of the best things you can do for yourself is creating a page to post reviews and/or testimonials from your clients or customers. This page will offer a lot to the people that come to your business page, letting them see what experiences others have had with your business. It will also help you build credibility with potential customers.

Here are a few benefits of reviews and testimonials, and where you might be able to find them.

It Shows You Have Customers

For one thing, this page will show people that you do have experience working with people. They will see first hand how others have benefited from your products or services. You could also use this page to link to reviews that have been done other places online, building more credibility (so they don’t think you’re trying to hide any bad reviews from them).

It Can Help Gain Trust

Not hiding those bad reviews will help gain their trust. Share links to Yelp reviews, if you offer services and/or have a brick and mortar business. Share links to your online sales pages that have reviews, like Amazon, if you’re selling products online.

They may see a more negative review or two, but people understand that not every bad review equals to a bad business. They will weigh the bad with the good and feel they’ve had a chance to make a well-rounded decision about working with your company.

It’s Like A Letter Of Recommendation

This type of page on your business site or your online portfolio is kind of working like a letter of recommendation. You’d get one of these from an old boss if you were trying to get a fancy new job, so why not use a similar strategy to get new customers or clients?

Update your page when you get new reviews or testimonials, especially on newer products or services. If you offer many products or services you want to have a little something about as many of the things you offer as you can.

It Can Convert To Sales

Someone may read a really great review of one of your products and simply be convinced to buy it because of that one particular review. That’s as good as someone telling their friends about your great products. Happy customers are a great way to build up your business.

You may also want to utilize the reviews on Facebook for your business. Ask people to leave a review if they’ve purchased products or used your services. With so many people using social media and Facebook as research tools these days, it pays to make sure you have good reviews there as well!

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