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Optimized Web Design is the Key to Brand Recognition

With billions of users, search engines are a driving force of sales and brand awareness for many businesses. Many of these users don’t move past the first page when searching for answers to their questions, causing many businesses to compete for first page placement on the SERP (or Search Engine Results Page). With smart website design and other optimization efforts, businesses can rise to the top of this much-sought-after positioning board.

To appear on the first page of the SERP, your business must meet the various qualifications of online search engine algorithms. Because of the complexity of those exact algorithms, many businesses rely on those aspects Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines that can be optimized in order to betterposition themselves.

Optimized Web Design Is the Key to Brand Recognition

Video has revolutionized the internet, and because of Google’s relationship with YouTube, videos on YouTube have preferential treatment in Google rankings. Other search engines value video as well, and the level of multimedia that can be shared or explored on a website is ranked by Google in what they call an engagement level. Businesses can optimize results using YouTube videos – the more people engage with the videos, the more strength your website gains. YouTube isn’t the only social media platform that impacts search engine rankings. When a business posts links to its site on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc., it drives traffic back to its site. By doing this, businesses can increase traffic which helps their search engine optimization efforts. Local businesses have a unique opportunity to appear in search engines, with search engine local directories, like Google My Business. By optimizing a Google My Business Page or other search engine directory, a company’s name, contact information, store hours and other pertinent information are available to searchers.

Beyond social and local search engine directories, businesses need to turn to smart website design to bring searchers to their website through dedicated landing pages and other forms of website optimization. Businesses can invest in many forms of search engine marketing (SEM), but the best options at the moment are SEO and PPC, two different ways to attract searchers to your site. Think of the difference between SEO and PPC as a marathon versus a sprint, both are beneficial for creating brand recognition for a business – and both rely on an expertly designed and integrated website. While it might be tempting to try your hand at coding the backend of a website yourself, or hiring your sister’s undergraduate friend, the reality is that only an expert team of website designers can optimize your site properly. A team of professionals from an SEM company like Digital Clicks Marketing can help you climb the SERP with minimal hassle and maximum turnaround on investment.

Search engine optimization comes through smart website design like optimizing page content, meta descriptions and meta titles with keywords. This is a longer process, but it costs less than direct PPC ads and gives credibility to your site. Either way, SEM allows businesses to take advantage of the data that search engines track. If you want to learn more about how your business can pinpoint the searchers it wants with direct PPC advertising, SEO link-building, and website optimization, visit Digitalclicksmarketing.com/web-design-services/. Because of the reporting offered, businesses can optimize campaigns easily. Although reporting and changes seem easy to make on the surface, businesses should consider hiring professionals like the ones at Digital Clicks who can build your online profile without getting penalized by Google. Search engines are making changes constantly, and an expert will know how to maximize results while staying well under Googe’s radar.

Businesses can’t ignore the impact search engines have on brand recognition and awareness, but through various optimization methods and working with the right experts, businesses can capitalize on everything search engines have to offer.

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