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Three Techniques To Improve Your Website Design

Every year has its own popular website design trends that will ensure your business website remains functional and converts visitors. Though, the sad reality is that there are still quite a number of marketers who do not take to heart just how effective the website design of a website is to capture the attention of the potential customers. Yes, where you have placed call-to-action buttons and your high-quality images are important too, but if your website manages to communicate on a visual level, potential customers are more likely to stay on the website longer.

So, if you tweak your website design so that it better matches the behaviour of your customers, you will be able to see significant improvements in the conversion rate. Here are three website design techniques that will make sure that those who visit your website has a much better experience.

Include interactive content

According to research completed by the Content Marketing Institute, in 2017 the majority of professionals who work in the marketing industry were still not incorporating interactive content. The good news is that if you have not taken advantage of including interactive content in your website design, it is not too late and you can still be one step ahead of your competition.

One example of interactive content that is extremely popular is interactive infographics. Including an interactive infographic in your website design is especially great if you have many potential customers who have only found out about your brand now.

Another very effective medium is interactive competitions and games. What makes these so great is that they help potential customers to stay on your website for a longer period. Plus, with the help of contests and games, people will find your brand to be more enjoyable too.

Other examples of interactive content that can be effective are wizards and interactive e-books.

If you are still not convinced that interactive content will improve your website design, maybe the following statistic will. The Content Marketing Institute also found in this survey that close to 90% of Internet users have found that interactive content is much better at capturing their attention than static content. On top of that, almost 80% of them stated that they will visit a website again if its website design included interactive content.

Use a video on your landing page

If you want your website to get to the first page of Google, be sure to include a video on your landing page, because just by including one, you can increase your chances by more than 50 times. Also, be sure to include three different types of media on the other pages of your website to get more users to visit your website.

At the end of the day you also want to increase your conversions, right? Well, not only will a landing page video increase the number visits right away, but your visitors will also stay longer on your website. What is more, visitors are also more inclined to make a purchase after they have watched a video about your business has to offer.

Though, here is a word of advice… Only include high-quality videos, because by incorporating some mediocre video, your brand and business will be placed in a bad light.

Review your call-to-action prompts

Call-to-action buttons are one of the many key changes to make your website design right away. Your website design can be greatly improved by simply taking another look at how your current call-to-action buttons are currently presented visually.

The first focus should always be to offer great content. So, let your high-quality website content do its work first by promoting your services or products and only then you should include your call to action.

Though, it is simply not good enough to know where to place your call to action. You also need to create the feeling that it truly is in the best interest of the visitor to act immediately. So, be sure to use limited-time deals that will convey this sense of urgency effectively.

Lastly, when it comes to calls to action, fewer are better. Rather use only one or two call to actions that will communicate loud and clear to visitors why they must in fact click on the button or link.

Just by including these three hacks in your website design, you will see an improvement in your conversion pretty damn quick.

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