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Website Design: The Benefits of Offering a Demo

When it comes to website design, there are a few things that no matter what that will improve the overall feel of your landing page. Since you’re always competing for attention these days, it’s really up to you to do all the research possible to make sure that every single aspect of your design matches with your goal and your target audience.

Creating some sort of an offer to see a demo is going be a huge part of some company’s success schemes. From that overall category, you can look into things like classic demo setups, social media influence, modular design, the benefits of client interaction, and how to make short feedback loops work for you.

Classic Setups

Setting up a demo page in general can be a fairly painless process, but it pays back huge dividends. By having information required like an email address, in exchange for some sort of a free demo, you have a very powerful tool to figure out what type of client or customer is truly interested in your idea. You always want to have legitimate opt in and opt out processes, but at the very least, it’s the early adopters that will be signing up initially.

Social Media Influence

When you begin learning how to use social media for business, you will see that there’s a lot of influence that you can push if you maintain some kind of demo capability on your website. It’s hard to actually offer a concrete demo through social media platforms, but you link to your main site, it’s a great way to get legitimate traffic in that method as well. Plus, people are more likely to send their friends and family to your site if there is something more interactive that they can get their hands on, like a set of trial software for instance.

Modular Design

There’s no way to overstate the importance of modular website design either. Because half of users are now on their mobile phones and tablets, every single thing you put on your website has to look great on every single platform people may use. This is not nearly as hard as it used to be in the past because of awesome new templates that are available, but it’s still something you have to make sure that you troubleshoot on a regular basis.

Client Interaction

Ultimately, one successful method for getting more traffic your website is going to be if you choose to work with client interaction as much as possible. Within the spectrum of the design of the framework of your site, there’s a number of different ways you can approach this. One of the more popular ones are now is to have an automatic chat available.

Short Feedback Loops

In the end, the shorter that your feedback loops are when it comes website design, the more successful your results are going to be. If you have some way to survey the people to come and look at your site, you can quickly take any of their suggestions to heart, and incorporate it in the next iteration of your design. Offering demo software that is in some sort of beta state is a great way to do this.

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