5 Ways to Advertise Your Business Online in 2020

AdWeek learned that approximately 81% of customers want to see a company’s website before deciding upon buying a product or service. While some people visit a website directly, through a link on social media or in an email marketing campaign, others simply start entering keywords into a search engine.

This means that in order for people to land on your website, you must rank high for the keywords they entered so that your website shows among the first results on the first page.

So, how do you use all available online tools to help people land on your website and purchase from you? We’re going to discuss all of that right now. Welcome to the ultimate guide of advertising your business in the online world in 2020!

  • SEO is KING

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to help users land on your website. It is the free method of making your website show up in the first results on search engines. However, the price you pay for it is a lot of time, work and dedication. SEO is a very complex method that includes optimizing your website for keywords, providing authoritative contents and increasing quality links to your site. This means that your website must be, well, perfect. You need king content that includes relevant keywords, clean content and relevant information alongside a well optimized website and a very friendly user experience. SEO is more than optimizing words: it’s optimizing everything around them.

Think about a spider creating his web during a windy, rainy day. He starts tailoring his web and then a leaf falls and wrecks a small part of it. He now has to go back and fix it. Then, when he thinks he’s finished, he notices that a part of it is not safe enough for windier days. He must now go to that part and reinforce it. Then he looks next door and sees another spider’s perfect web. That’s exactly how SEO feels like. It can be frustrating and needs a lot of detailing and re-doing. And then you see another website ranking better than you.

Even so, the effort is worth it. Once you master it, you will be able to see your website in the first results.

  • Google Ads

Bring out the money! In order to make sure you appear on search engines in the first results, you can benefit from the help of Google Ads. Of course, this means investing money. Depending on the country you’re in, your niche and competition these ads can cost a bit or A LOT of money. What are these ads? Well, you basically tell Google how much you are willing to spend and pay when someone clicks on your ad.

A very important aspect: make sure the landing page you want to send users to matches the copy in your ad. Don’t tell people in the ad that you have a special offer for a new collection of clothes and send people to a page full of belts and bags. People expect to find exactly what they first read and understood from your ad.

Google Ads is basically paying the company to put your website as high as possible (depending on your budget), right in the face of the users.

  • The Power of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and TikTok are the social media platforms where you can easily promote your website. People spend a dangerous amount of their time on these platforms and it is a great shot for you to show them your product and services.

When creating an ad on these platforms it is very important to think about your audience. Think about what your potential clients may like, what their age could be so that you can target them as well as possible. A good audience helps you save money and increase your conversion rate. Think about it like this: who would most likely purchase fitness clothing from you: a 27-year-old girl passionate about sports, currently going to the gym and with strong interests in a healthy lifestyle and health gadgets or a 35-year-old mother currently working at the local store, passionate about cooking and knitting? This is exactly what creating an audience means: choosing the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

In terms of organic posts on your social media accounts, make sure to:

  • Include high quality photos
  • Showcase how your product can improve or benefit users lives
  • Highlight the benefits of the product/service
  • Include a link to your website
  • Add a CTA: ask people to make an action: leave a comment, check out your website, answer a question
  • Mix your posts to cover all areas: awareness, conversion, brand identity
  • Stay consistent and post daily: include image posts, link posts, and video posts
  • Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, growing your contact list is the most important part. The bigger your email list is, the better it is for your business and strategy. After you’ve collected enough emails, segment them to appeal to different groups of customers and provide valuable content to keep recipients engaged. ALWAYS link to your website and social media accounts in your email call to action and encourage them to visit your website.

There are numerous free signup forms that you can use on your website and you can choose the placement of the form for your newsletter: pop-ups and the footer are the most common choices; you can do both.

Make sure you create an email marketing plan: decide what you are going to send to your database every week and make sure the information is relevant. The last thing you want to do is bore your users.

Once you’ve mastered email marketing, results are going to go through the roof. Email marketing is one of the best ways to maintain a good relationship with your visitors, retain clients, bring awareness on latest products and services and create trust.

  • Guest Blogging

First thing you need to do is find leading websites in your market niche and offer to write guest blogs for them. Make sure to include a link that will lead to YOUR website in the blog post. This will help you bring THEIR visitors to YOUR website, as well as rank higher on Google.

These are the top 5 things you can do to promote your website in the online world. Once you get the hang of it, everything will become easier and you will get the roll of it. The most important part is to not give up and keep learning.

And now, for the extra tip: the one thing you did not think would help but makes such a big difference: your brand’s name.

If I say the word “Apple,” what do you think about first? Is it the fruit or one of the largest companies in the world? This is what a great brand name can do. A simple word backed by amazing marketing and a great product or service can be so easily recognizable and easy to remember and truly make a difference for your business.

However, today picking a brand name is hard as there are already so many out there that are already taken. Even so, there is still hope. Wix has taken into consideration users’ need of a tool to help them find a good name for their brand and created a free business name generator that everyone can use to find the best name for their business.

The name you pick should be easy to remember, spell, write, say and include in marketing materials.

So, if you have difficulties finding the right name for your website, you now have the perfect tool for it. Simply type in a word and the business name generator will help you out with valuable choices to pick and play with.

Put all this information together and there you have it: the ultimate advertising guide to bringing your website above others in the online world + a valuable extra tip.

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