How to Win at Spotify?

Have you ever asked yourself why some musicians nowadays are popular, and why someone stays unnoticed? I am sure that when you had such questions, by saying about unnoticed ones you were referring to yourself. I get it. You are a young promising musician, who just started the journey to the musical Olympus. And you want to get there fast, real fast. So it is good that you are asking such questions. Maybe you’ve understood that yourself, but the key to fast success is not uploading hundreds of songs to Spotify, it is real Spotify promotion of your music. Forget about dozens of tracks to upload. Upload one and promote it. This approach is much more modern, and guarantees you better result. So, now we will talk about Spotify, your music future, career possibilities, music promotion, and so on. Buckle up, we’re heading to the stars!

So, what are your career opportunities on Spotify? Good for you, now is the best time to start your Spotify career. The audience of the service has reached over 120 million people, and all those users are waiting for your works. They simply don’t know about it yet. But that’s what we are about to change, right?

More than 100 thousand artists are there on Spotify, so you will eventually face a huge competition for the sunny spot. And maybe some of your opponents have more tracks than you, but you know about real Spotify promotion, and that’s what will save you. This simple action will give you the advantage over all of them, give you the boost at the bare start. Yes, it costs a penny, but it is a great investment. 

If you are worried about the moral aspect of music promotion, don’t be. Every major musician does it, and you can’t win without acting similarly. Pain and gain, you know? It is safe, legal, and easy to execute. As a consumer, you need to choose the promotion option and send your coins. What are those options? For Spotify success you need to increase your numbers, such as: the number of plays and followers, shares, and likes. You can do each one of them individually, or purchase a package, in which all parameters are present. It is our choice.

By increasing those numbers you will make your songs and account more popular, more visible and reachable for people and Spotify algorithms. Big numbers lead to the appearance of your song in user recommendations, custom playlists, popular playlists, etc. Each place is great for widening your coverage and gaining new fans. Each musician knows, that the true popularity and success depends solemnly on your audience, its quality and size. And who knows, maybe your golden disc is just one promotion away from you? Don’t you want to test your luck?

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