5 WP Tools for Your Blog’s Success

Starting a blog is pretty much easy. Anybody who wants a place to share some thoughts online can easily do it without any obstacles. The problem with blogging is that blogs don’t find success right away. It takes considerable time, efforts, actions, sacrifice and a lot of hard work to achieve it.

There are some common strategies and actions you can take to make your path to success, but there are also some tools that can make the process even more fast and smooth. If you are planning to use WordPress, or you already use it as a blogging platform, these tools are a great way to start taking actions. Find bellow 5 WordPress tools to help you embrace the label of a popular and successful blog.

Portfolio Gallery Theme

What matters the most when you start blogging, is your readers. You should strive to provide updated and trustworthy content, better user experience and make sure your visitors feel good as they get to your blog. The theme of your blog holds an utmost importance for the user experience, so be careful to choose a theme, that will actually work for you not against you. If you want visitors and readers enjoy the time they spend on your blog, make sure to obtain WordPress Portfolio Gallery theme. It’s an advanced and modern WordPress portfolio theme enabling you to create and display various media galleries and portfolios.


You can display the content on your blog in different layouts and make any customization to have it look perfect. The most stand out feature of the theme, that your blog visitors are really going to like, is its ability to showcase your blog posts as in a gallery. You visitors can have the post preview in the lightbox before getting to read them. The lightbox of the theme is super powerful, and will show your gallery content as a slideshow with all the available info, such as image title or post excerpt. The lightbox supports 15 transition effects.

Start blogging with Portfolio Gallery theme and showcase your content in the best possible way. Check the theme demo to learn more about its functionality and features.

Yoast SEO

For the guaranteed success of your blog, it should  not only be user friendly but search engine friendly as well. SEO optimization plays a crucial role for your blog’s success and overlooking it can result in staying in fade. To help you to get through the SEO optimization process of your blog Yoast SEO plugin is your best partner. It’s the most popular and actually one of the best SEO plugins available so far. It will help you to do all the optimization necessary for your blog’s discoverability and set it up for success. First of all, it helps you to write keyword rich content by making sure you use the chosen keywords in your articles.


The snippet preview option of the plugin enables you to see how your article will be shown in search engine results and make sure your titles and metadescriptions are of the relevant length. You can manually choose which pages on your blog are to be indexed by search engines,and hide the ones you don’t want to be shown in search results. The plugin takes care of your blog’s technical SEO optimization by reminding you to enable permalinks and edit them if you find it necessary. Yoast SEO does everything for search engines to love your blog. High rankings, top page results and success are guaranteed.

Instagram Feed WD

Images always enhance the posts and make them more interesting to go through. As you write posts don’t forget to spice them up with images relevant to your content. Sometimes, they are more likely to hold a credit for the post success than the content itself. You can fill you posts with user and hashtag based Instagram images with Instagram Feed WD plugin and make them actually more engaging. This WordPress Instagram plugin is super functional and will make sure your posts are getting the most attention with the modern layouts that it comes. The conditional filtering option of the plugin will enable you to filter out the most relevant images for your posts based on the conditioned (hashtag, username, mention, description, Instagram media link) you specified.


Instagram Feed WD plugin features an advanced lightbox where your visitors can see all the accompanying image info, such as likes, hashtags, comments, user bio and data, etc. The lightbox is also able to showcase images in the feeds as a slideshow with 15 transition effects. You can customize and adjust feeds, layout and lightbox settings to best fit your blog and your needs. Integrated Instagram images will greatly compliment your posts and significantly increase user engagement.

Simple Share Button Adder

Regular writing is the key to obtaining loyal readers and visitors. The content you provide is the fuel of your blog that keeps it going. The more your content gets noticed and read the better are your chances to success. So, make sure to expose your blog to a wider audience.
Going social is the best thing you can do to reach out many more people and readers. Sharing your posts to major social networks will guarantee more content consumption and spread awareness about your blog. Simple Share Button Adder is a great tool to get around in social media. It’s responsive, you can be sure your content will be shared across all sized devices.


You can choose how the buttons look on your blog by customizing color settings. The plugin enables you to add the buttons everywhere on your blog with the available shortcodes. In the same way, using shortcodes you can hide them. You can add share counts to buttons to track the sharing of your posts. With Simple Share Button Adder plugin your posts will get more exposure and bring in way more traffic.

Post Slider WD

Post Slider WD is a perfect tool for showcasing your blog posts and custom posts in an attention grabbing way. It’s a great way to increase the consumption of your content and have your posts get more views. One feature that’s worth mentioning about this WordPress post slider is the possibility to insert the slider anywhere to your posts and pages, in the header of your theme, or use it as a widget on your sidebars. You can make two kinds of slides: static where you can display posts from a specific category and dynamic, where your posts can be showed using advanced filtering options.


There are various options for post sorting, such as by publishing date, author, title, comments, moderation date, etc. The plugin supports hotspot and social buttons layers, which is a great way to get your content shared directly from the slides. In addition, there are 25 slide and layer transition effect to make your slides eye-catchy and appealing. You can make sure with Slider WD plugin none of your posts will remain unnoticed.

In blogging, good content is just the half of the battle. The pathway to success lies in continuous development and focus on the things that matter the most for your target audience. These WordPress tools will help you to highlight your blog’s presence and provide foundation for its success. If you have suggestions for other tools that are also worth mentioning, please let me know by adding a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Author Bio: Gayane Mar is a passionate web-blogger who started her blogging activity a few years ago. Her posts are all about web design and web development. She writes all these posts for good people who need some guidance or advice with web development. The driving force behind her writings is the great hope that her blog posts would be helpful for each and every one reading them. If you are interested you can follow her own blog wpcapitan.com.

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